Channeled Message: Stop Self-Sabotage


Ever struggled with self-sabotage? Then this channeled message is for you. I planned to do a message every month and thought that would be my ticket to ultimate fame, but you know, March got in the way – and it’s been a bit of a blur. And now it’s the end of March. I mean, does that happen to you as well, that you have brilliant ideas that everybody will love you for, and then nothing happens? I sincerely hope so; please calm down my inner critic by leaving your thoughts in the comments.

To do this channeled message, I used several of the intuitive techniques I’ve developed over the years, all working together in a lovely symphony. No, I’m not going to explain how I do this because that would spoil my fame. Even though this channeled message is on a website focused on business owners, I believe it is for anyone who reads it.

April Message; Self-sabotage

General theme: Stop Self-Sabotage

The general theme is to stop self-sabotage and stop the guilt that comes out of it. Let’s say that this message is NOT for me. I don’t relate to it at all. Nope. None. All I hear on the inside is: “Ouch.”

Anyway. When you might relate to the theme just a tiny bit and want to end it, it’s essential to become aware of what’s not going the way you’d like. How are you using that ‘thing’ to hide your brilliance from coming out in the world?

Self-sabotage can play a significant role in your life, mainly because it can occur in such a sneaky way. How you recognize it is that all kinds of reprimands go through your mind, often in the form of what you ‘should’ do. You ‘should’ write email newsletters, but you don’t. You should make that sales call, but you don’t. You should eat healthily, but you don’t. And so on. There are so many ways in which we can have high expectations. One question you can ask is whether or not those expectations are realistic? Is writing that email newsletter really ‘your thing’? Or would it be better to pay for Facebook ads? Or does doing a YouTube video give you a better reach for your ideal client? Know what is your ‘thing.’

I often see business owners do things because ‘everybody does them.’ I’ve been there myself as well. It is a long and challenging journey to find out what is truly you and what is not. The guilt it creates can be so hard because you constantly think you’re always doing things wrong.

Where does guilt come up in your business or life? Where does it let you do things that you’d rather not do? And what happens when you don’t do what you should do? What feelings come up? Right! Guilt.

Guilt is a feeling that keeps you locked up in a cage made up of high expectations. Often it results in a cycle of self-sabotage that’s not funny anymore. You want to break through the behavior, but it’s so hard. The part of your brain that chooses safety over taking a risk seems to be more innovative every time.

To change it, you need to know which activities are genuinely authentic. When I struggled with it, I didn’t know what was genuinely authentic for me. I just repeated what other people were doing, and it didn’t work. It all became so complicated. But when I allowed myself to create a simpler life, things became more manageable. If doing some Facebook activity was complicated, I asked myself how I could make it easier. Sometimes, this meant not to do it, but I often allowed myself to do other things that I did like to do, like writing a blog. Choosing an easier, more authentic way was so much easier. It became easier because that harsh voice was silent when I chose easier things to do. What is your authentic way of expressing yourself?

It felt pretty freeing to tell my inner critic to shut up and let me do it my way. I don’t have to be like everyone else. I don’t want to be like everyone else. I believe that it is damaging to try to be like everyone else because I’m not on this planet to be that way. If this sounds right, then please tell me so in the comments.

What supports you – Deep Roots

What supports you this month is to grow deep roots to anchor yourself. Having these roots is essential to know what you can trust when guilt and doubt eat at your confident foundation. With deep and robust roots, you feel more secure, and you can nourish your beliefs.

With deep roots, you can trust your foundation, and you’ll know for sure that nothing can harm you because you are protected and safe on its foundation. This can become an issue when you doubt everything in and around you. But when you take a step back and look at where you are, you can see and know deep within that all is well and everything will be okay with you.

Know that you are safe and okay, even when you self-sabotage yourself is just right in its foundation. It is there for a reason. You’re doing the right things even when it looks as if you’re messing up. Don’t let your stories come in the way, and certainly leave that inner critic with its guilt trips at home. It will only eat at those deep roots.

Please take a look at your life and what you have built and developed and see that it is good. Maybe, when you look at its details, you see things that have possibilities for improvement. Know that if the intention is there, you’re halfway on your way to an abundant life. You are unstoppable if you let yourself be unstoppable. Let yourself take small steps forward and see that as being in motion.

Another aspect of growth is to believe that you are abundant. You see it everywhere: seeing is believing, but it all starts with having a deep trust that you are taken care of and that nothing bad can happen when you choose to be abundant.

Abundance is not about the €10,000 a month extra I want to earn; it’s about being free to do what I want. It’s not about the weight I want to lose (again), but about feeling vibrant and feeling physically healthy and free of pain. It’s not about owning a renovated home but about connecting on a deeper level to family and friends. It’s also not about having a fantastic job but about an environment where I can grow and develop myself. And finally, it’s also not about embracing myself but about self-love and radical self-acceptance. All of this, for me, is abundance. It goes so much deeper than superficial stuff.

All this is about trusting that the Universe will respond in Divine timing. It’s all about love, trust, and acceptance.


What blocks you – Resistance

Lastly, I pulled a card to find out what block you in the upcoming month. Blocking energies are always super interesting, especially when a card like Great Big Love comes up. When cards like this one come up, you look at them and wonder: “How can a fine card like this block you from fulfilling your soul purpose?

But it’s not that Great Big Love that blocks you, but the thing that you need to heal with love: self-sabotage. A card like this doesn’t come up for anything. It must be the resistance we create to experience that Great Big Love. It can be fear, jealousy, anger, sabotage. For me, self-sabotage is what I often put in front of Great, Big Love, but you may struggle with resentment or fear or whatever other feelings. They let us stumble through life and keep our eyes pinned to the ground because we’re scared to fall.

By keeping our eyes on the ground, we forget that we have to connect with the people around us, who are always there. We have them in our personal lives but also in our business life. Some people don’t leave us through our business journey. Be it a secretary who joined your company when she was 19 years old and grew along with your company until now, years later she joins the board. It can also be an accountant who has been a mentor for you ever since you started and helped you with advice along the way. Sometimes we close our eyes for the people who surround us with love.

By keeping our eyes to the ground, we also forget about the Great Big Love that made us the energy source from which we tap. It always runs through our veins. When your struggle with things in your business, you can call on that energy source that surrounds you and enjoy the abundant feeling of love. That is if you can allow yourself to experience that feeling. There can be hundreds of Great Big Love sources, but if you feel you’re not worth it or that it is not for you, then indeed, this can block you.

Experiencing abundance is about recognizing the enormous stream of energy that goes through everything in life – through you, through your business, through your clients, everything—connecting with that stream of loving energy sets yourself up for a deeper relationship that’s there for you with every breath you take. But again, when you struggle with self-sabotage, you need to surrender to Great Big Love. Peel your eyes off the ground and look within. Invite it and feel the abundance it brings with it.

Source Images: Oracle of the 7 Energies by Collette Baron-Reid


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