My Services

Providing The Services I Do Best

I am a certified Life Coach and Soul Realignment, Practitioner. I have had a love for the spiritual, unseen side of things all my life. Besides that, I have thirty years of combined experience as a business and quality assurance consultant. This way, I have services for the entrepreneur in you and your personal private self. My most important service is Intuitive Business Coaching.

But what I’ve found is that you can’t separate your personal self from the business owner you are. You are the same person who only wants two things in life: to be happy and do great things in your business. But we both know that struggles can occur in both your personal & business life. No matter which one, but when this happens, it will affect the other part of you, no matter your talents and skills or how hard you work to make it happen.

When the business struggles, the solution is often found below the surface on the personal level. This can be a fear of visibility, feeling icky during sales calls, or difficulty managing your team. We’ll analyze your situation, make a connection with your intentions and then find out how your business is blocked.

This is what I’m good at – seeing the whole of you and serving both sides to let both thrive.

Tailor-made Program

To serve you best, I have created a tailor-made business coaching program in which we’ll work on everything you need. It means that we’ll work with each other for several weeks to unruffle how you affect your business and your business affects you.

For this, we start with an introductory session in which I do a Soul Profile Reading combined with an intuitive analysis of your business. Based on that, I’ll know exactly which services to offer you.

Besides diving deep into the energetic needs of your business, we will also find out what you need and how you can build your business into a success.

If you decide to work with me, we’ll follow up with the Full Akashic Records Reading so that you know exactly what energetic blocks and restrictions are in the way of a full flow of energy. Most of the time, you need to make different choices, and sometimes becoming aware of the pattern is enough to shift it. This reading includes a clearing of blocks and restrictions to help you live a fuller life.

Having done this, we’ll go deep into the business areas that came up in the intuitive analysis, and we’ll work on each area for a full session. We’ll set you up with feasible actions without creating overwhelm. I rather focus on the 20% of actions that create 80% of the change than trying to become all perfect about ticking off all your to-do’s.

If needed, we can work on a Life Situation Reading to find out which issues in your life may affect your business, a Relationship Reading to work on the relationship between you and someone that is closely connected to your business, and add a Home & Office Clearing to clear out any energies that are in the way of your physical space.

I have a lot of services to offer and tailor it to your personal need to find out what is needed on the unseen energetic level to create a successful business.