Soul Profile and Soul Realignment (Akashic Records Reading)

Understanding Who You Are On A Deeper Level

Knowing who you are on a soul level helps you make better decisions and redirect yourself quickly. Sometimes it feels as if all your fears (money) blocks and negative beliefs show themselves through doing what you love doing or before you start doing them. It’s as if the Universe wants to know if you’re serious about it.

If you relate to this, then a full Akashic Records Reading, including soul profile and soul realignment, is here for you.

What are the Akashic Records?

With an Akashic Records Reading, you find answers and insights into why this is happening. You find out how you block yourself and what you need to stop doing that. Also, you get insight on what situations to avoid so that you can confidently connect to your prospects and customers in the empowered way you know you also have.

How would that feel?

How would it feel to know that you do the right things for yourself, know what to decide in critical situations, and instantly feel more empowered because you are more aware of your soul’s needs?

No more doubts, but quiet knowing what is right for you. Many people yearn for this, but the fact that you are now reading this means that the Universe has brought it into your awareness. Have you asked for a sign lately? Then this is it 🙂

What are those Records anyway?

Thinking about the Akashic Records, many people have an image of an immense library filled with books. Please don’t ask me why, but when I first tried to image this energetic database, the Bruce Almighty scene’s image came up. The one where Jim Carrey meets God and gets blown away by the file cabinet. I saw the same white room; only my image held a computer console where I can type in your name and open your file.

In that file, not only is logged who you were when you first incarnated, but it also holds every action and thought you ever had. Your past experiences turned into blocks and restrictions that keep you from doing what you’re supposed to do. They block you from living your best life, fulfilling the income goals you have, and living in freedom and joy.

About How I Do Akashic Record Readings

When you book an Akashic Records session with me, I first have to check if your soul is open to the idea as well. It doesn’t happen a lot, but sometimes your soul says no about getting read when I ask for permission. And you know, that’s totally okay! If perchance, your soul is not open to reading, then I’ll return your payment right away.

As with all sessions, I prepare beforehand to have all information available in the session. This way, we have more time to talk about it, interpret it, and it gives me a chance to coach you on it intuitively. In the session, I tell you your soul’s purpose and how you block yourself from happiness and abundance. It will give you insight into your patterns and how and when they came about.

In a live session, recorded in Zoom, I will present the results and coach you on becoming aware of and preventing the influence of (past) life blocks. Besides that, I also set up a clearing for you to accept at any point after that.

Read the terms and conditions here.

About Jolanda

jolanda bolt akashic record reader

Hello, I am Jolanda Bolt, and I am a certified Akashic Records Reader (by Soul Realignment®). I live in the Netherlands with my husband in a small town in the north of the country. From there, I work as an online Intuitive Coach.

I found out from my Divine Soul Blueprint that my soul’s purpose is to use two forms of divine gifts. The first one is the divine gift of communication, self-expression, and authenticity and the other one is the divine gift of power and intuition. Combining the two helps me to freely and authentically communicate what I receive from the higher realms and empower you to overcome the abundance blocks in your life.

I have almost twenty-five years of doing intuitive readings.

Read more about me here.

Healing Blocks

Understanding when and how you developed certain blocks and restrictions is not enough to change your life. First, we need to clear the energetic patterns, and then you’ll have to do things differently. Part of what I’m offering is that I set up a clearing process. Through this, you can heal patterns (most originating from past lives) that keep you from building the life you want.

Book Your Akashic Record Reading

Akashic record readings will tell you who you are in origination and which blocks and restrictions are there that keep you from fully enjoying your talents. This offer also entails a healing setup for you to integrate into your being.

This offer is included in the Intuitive Business Coaching Program.