Finish Your Diet Once And For All And Reach Your Goal Weight

Let me take you on a fantasy journey: how great would it feel if you could lose your weight with a healthy weight loss program and keep it off?

How would you feel? Vibrant, pain-free and proud?

How would your life be if you would be able to become successful at losing weight and keep it off? How would it change in a year, in 5 years or in 10 years?

What would it do to who you are, how you feel about yourself, your self-confidence and self-image?

I bet it would make a tremendous difference.

healthy weight loss

Your Reality Is Different (And Painful)

The painful reality is that you find it hard to do this. You want to but you feel unable to

  • lose weight and keep it off
  • conquer emotional eating
  • maintain weight loss results

Because you don’t want to give up on your desire to have a healthy weight, you end up in a life-long yo-yo cycle: you lose some and you gain some (plus some).


What I’ve noticed is that a lot of people who want to lose weight seem unable to because they struggle on one or more levels of life:

  • The physical level: if you are a ‘professional dieter’ who have tried everything there is a good chance that you are confused about all the food rules that you’ve read here and there. I’ll help you sort them out and tell you which ones to believe and which ones to discard (a lot of them can be discarded).
  • The emotional level: healing on the emotional level needs to be done to leave the past behind and to start to overcome your obstacles.
  • The mental level: healing your thoughts and stories will help you to conquer the pain and suffering around your body image or having to diet all the time.
  • The spiritual level: listening to your Inner Wise Person will help you live a life of purpose.

When you read all this, you may understand that healthy weight loss isn’t so much about the diet but most of all about the personal journey you’re on and how your weight is blocking you from becoming who you want to be.

Losing all your excess weight changes you on all levels. Being willing to transform these aspects is needed to make sustainable weight loss possible.

healthy weight loss