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Life Situation Reading

The Life Situation Reading is for all those whose life just sucks sometimes. Yes, that’s me, you and everybody. Even the people you admire from a distance want to know why things happen, how they relate to each other and what they can do to solve ‘stuff’.

How Can You Effectively Create An Aligned Life?

When you go through a period in your life where things hit you hard(er), it can be because there are underlying causes. It is easy to say that “this is who you are” because in origin you’re not! In that case, it is good to know why things are happening, how each of the seemingly separate aspects in your life is connected, and what (past life) issue is below it.

Let’s look at an example I could receive from a client: the job sucks the living daylight out of her, she and her husband go through a hard time together,  her parents need more and more help after dad fell and hurt his hip,  she struggles with certain physical aspects, and your daughter has decided that now is a great time to drop out of school. You want to be there for everyone, but you also have your wants and needs and things to work on. It makes life feel hard.

What you need is to talk to someone who can offer you deep and spiritual insight into why all this is happening, how it is connected on a deeper level and what you can do about it. Sometimes it all seems like separate stuff, but I can assure you it is not.

In a Life Situation Reading, we’ll talk about what is happening and how you can realign again. It is light, fun, and very actionable.

Allowing Things To Be Easier

This is what happened to me! When I saw how certain aspects of my life were secretly related, it became easier to find the fitting action to influence all those life areas. Suddenly I understood how one area influenced the other, and it became easier to step away from it by making an aligned action.

It all made it easier for me because I had quite a lot of issues that all needed attention at some point in my life. By effectively combining actions, I could “kill two birds with one stone.”

If you feel overwhelmed by multiple issues in your life, it is time to talk to me first to understand how they are related, the underlying energy, and set up a plan to change your life effectively. Allow yourself to make things easier and more effective.

Life Situation Reading

The Life Situation Reading

Below you see that the Life Situation Reading consists of three parts. If you have worked with me before and have received your Soul Profile already, I need less preparation time, that’s why there are two options. To prepare for energy readings, I need some information about you and your life. Even if it seems unrelated, just mention them because you never know how they relate.

All Life Situation Readings include a Clearing Session to get rid of the blocks & restrictions that keep you from having an abundant life.

Soul Profile Reading

Understand Who You Are To Know What Is Aligned Or Not

Life Situation Reading

Unraveling Your Life

Clearing Work

Getting Rid Of Your Blocks & Restrictions

Ready For Deep Spiritual Insight?

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