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Soul Profile Reading

The Soul Profile Reading gives you essential information about who you are at origination (as a soul). In it, you’ll find the main energetic block(s) you’ve been made of when you first decided to incarnate. Through this profile, you’ll understand how you receive vital force energy from Divine Source. You’ll experience that as having a life that flows and brings abundance to all kinds of life areas.

Besides that, you’ll also find in which initial soul group you ‘landed’ when you first incarnated. This is a group of souls that is vibrationally the same. It gives you more information about your way of expressing your divine nature into your human experience.

Woo-woo? Not at all. I’ll make sure you’ll understand it perfectly, and we’ll even make it actionable so that you can bring all this spiritual information down to earth and into your current life.

That And More

While knowing who you are on a soul level is super important, I’ll also explain to you how far you’ve come on this soul journey up to now, explain your Soul Specialisation and your Life Lesson. This information will help you understand that struggling is not for nothing – you experience it to grow as a soul. Even how hard it is sometimes, your soul chose to go through this to learn more about how to live up to your highest vibration even when life throws you lemons. It is what your soul looks for in this three-dimensional experience.

It is important to understand that it isn’t about how things happen or what happened, but how the situation made you feel and how you translated it to truths about yourself. The how and what are really not important. I know that this is difficult to let go of, but once you see how this can be freeing, you’ll also start to see how you can free yourself from the emotional load.

How The Soul Profile Helped Me

Doing the soul profile when I studied the Akashic Records has been life-changing. While I expected writing would play an important role in my soul profile (as it did with Divine Communication as my main core energy setting), I was surprised to see that it also comes with a role as a teacher. As I can be pretty introverted at times, this caused some resistance, but when I looked back over my life, I saw that I had stepped into this role more than I’d wanted to believe. It is something that so natural to me that I didn’t even see it right away. Standing in front of a group, teaching about inspires me, is what I love doing.

But what surprised me even more, was that I also have the main core energy setting of Divine Power. While this gives me a very need to be by myself, it also allows me to work with people one-on-one because people like this are very intuitive/psychic. I need to have the chance to do what *I* want to do instead of having obligations. Freedom is the word that makes me happy.

Understanding this profile taught me that I need to use my psychic ability and work with my intuition more than I was doing and write and teach about it. Hey, presto! Here I am 🙂

Ready For Deep Spiritual Insight From Your Soul Profile?

I believe that we all are noticing a deep need to come back to the center and align ourselves with who we truly are. Your Soul Profile will help you find that:

  • Understanding how you were designed and how vital force energy flows easiest through you
  • You will connect with like-minded people much easier because you recognize each other instantly
  • This will serve as your hall pass to do what you always wanted to do
  • It is easier to make aligned choices.