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Spirit Guides Team Meet & Greet

With the Spirit Guides Team Meet & Greet, you become aware of the spiritual support that is there for you at all times. You’ll understand that you are supported, loved, and guided in ways that are congruent with who you are and that there’s always an answer when you need it.

What Spirit Guides Are

Your spirit guide team consists of souls, just like you and me, that assist you in your life on this planet. They help you to create the experience you intended when you decided to go for a physical experience. This means that you’re never alone and that you’re always helped and supported, even though it may feel differently sometimes.

As your guides know your intentions, challenges, and unique blueprint, they advise from their unique perspectives. This perspective helps your Higher Self to make congruent decisions and choices.

Your Spirit Guides Team is assigned to you at birth and stays with you until the end to guide you back from where you came.

Why Are They There?

Your Spirit Guides Team is not only there for you. There’s also something in this experience for them: because they are not incarnated like you, they can study the experience without having to go through the whole thing themselves. They learn from you by observing and helping you with guidance from their unique perspective.

If necessary, your Higher Self hires extra guides for certain time periods. For instance, when you write a book or work on another big project for a while, a specialized guide comes in to support the team with their unique guidance. This means that there’s no need for upgrading. It’s your Higher Self that knows when it is needed and what kind of guide to request.

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How My Spirit Guides Helped Me

I have felt connected to one or more guides for at least two decades. I communicate through journaling or doing card readings for myself. Over the years, I’ve learned to trust the guidance I received. To be honest, I don’t really mind where it comes from: my mind, my Higher Self, my Spirit Guide Team. If it feels right, it feels right.

I’ve made important decisions this way. Sometimes insight on the issue grew over a couple of days (or months), and sometimes I had these moments of insight where I *knew* what to do.

I don’t communicate to let them make the decisions – that’s up to me. They can’t force me to do anything. All decisions are my responsibility, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Ready For A Meet & Greet With Your Spirit Guides Team?

When you book this session, I’ll ask you for your current name, birth name, birth date, and birth town. I use that information to open your Akashic Record and then ask to connect with your spirit guides team.

I then find out how many members there are in your team and then find out super-specific information about each one (names, roles, specialization, etc.). Finally, I also ask them for a special message for you that they want you to know.

We then connect on the date and time you selected, and I’ll present you with the results.