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Why should I apply for a strategy call?

To find out who I am and how it feels to be mentored


What is needed to start losing weight and what it means to work with me.

Basic information

What: Weight Loss Strategy Call

Where: video conferencing

Duration: 30 minutes

Price: Free

What others say about working with me

It is perhaps everyone’s hope, at least mine, to meet a true professional, who will help you with heart and soul. What a pleasant surprise: Jolanda did exactly what I’ve secretly hoped for. Very skilled, very to the point with details where needed. I recommend her to anyone!


​​I will never again do a crash diet for I’ve finally understood and felt how it influences me. I now enjoy healthy eating and living, with the emphasis on enjoy.



At the end of the call I will explain about my quality 12-week program. This is what I have to offer:

  • The Excellence ToolEvery mentoring program starts with using the Excellence Tool, it is a tool that will help you find out what you’re reasons are to eat. When you not give any of the outcome attention, you will stay overweight forever. Working on the outcomes will help you build a better life strategy.
  • Working on your weight loss mindsetWhen you have a healthy mindset about healthy weight loss then it is no problem make it happen. But when your mindset is in the way, you are blocking your own progress.
  • Daily accountabilityDaily accountability prevents you from slacking between sessions. It also gives you the opportunity to call in for emergency help when needed.
  • …and more

I am ready!

Before You Book your Weight Loss Strategy Call!

This is your opportunity to apply for your personal Weight Loss Strategy Call and to understand what you need to make it to a right-sized body, finally!

Since both our time is valuable, please understand that I only accept applications with motivated women who are truly ready to take action and get weight loss results. When you are willing to break through ideas and stories you tell yourself, you can end your weight loss struggle. For ever.

For this you need to be comfortable with being uncomfortable and end the sabotaging habits you use to stay in your comfort zone. Your excess weight is a symptom of things you need to do on the emotional, psychological and spiritual level. When you make changes on these levels you will notice that your body will easily align with your desires.

If you want calm and peace around your eating habits and are ready to move into a right-sized body – then you want to complete this appliction for sure.

Let’s talk and find out what you need.

jolanda bolt

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