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Read Your Own Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are a wonderful tool to give your subconscious a voice. It’s so often complicated to listen to your subconscious because there is a lot of noise around us with tv, social media, newspapers, and all people with their opinions (let alone your own beliefs). It drowns out your inner voice, which expresses itself in a feeling or a desire. The voice from the outside seems to form full-fledged sentences that can be convincing and sometimes even talk outright ugly to you.

With a tarot card a day, you give a voice to your soul.

On this website, you will find the meaning of your tarot card and I explain how you can do a tarot reading for yourself.

The layout of your tarot deck

Each tarot deck has a fixed layout. First, we divide the tarot cards into two groups:

  • The cards of the Major Arcana
  • The cards of the Minor Arcana

The Fool’s Journey is a famous story about the Major Arcana cards.

We divide the Minor Arcana into four groups

  • The Wands cards
  • The Cups cards
  • The Swords cards
  • The Pentacles cards

Within the cards within each of these groups, we find ten cards from Ace to Ten, plus four court cards:

  • The cards with a Page
  • The cards with a Knight
  • The cards with a Queen
  • The cards with a King

Why draw a tarot card every day?

Why? Because it is just a lot of fun to be busy with cards: the meditative shaking, coming up with a good question, looking at the map, the colors, the symbols, finding a meaning of those symbols that resonates with you, you name it. There are many aspects to the cards.

And I haven’t even mentioned how you interpret it to help you. In my opinion, a reading is fairly useless if you don’t take it from “oh, nice to know” to “Yes, this is the action I’m going to take.”

How to choose a tarot deck?

Choosing a tarot deck is very personal. What I think is a beautiful tarot game can seem very different to you. For me, bright fresh colors are important and I love it when a card contains various symbols.

Maybe you prefer a more neutral card or a game with a special theme. If the theme appeals to you, then it is a deck for you. If it doesn’t, it’s not for you.

How to draw a tarot card?

Drawing a tarot card is easy. It starts with a moment of thinking about the question you have. Readings based on a question are more helpful and will help you connect to your subconscious much easier.

“If you want a general answer, do a general tarot reading. If you want a specific answer, ask a specific question.”

Jolanda Bolt

Reading Tarot Cards For Over Twenty-five Years

Over twenty-five years ago, I discovered the power of tarot card laying. The longer I worked on it, the more I learned about myself. After a while, I noticed I was also very good at reading tarot cards before others. Not because I am clairvoyant (at least I don’t consider myself that), but because I use the cards as an advisory tool. Since that time, I have done hundreds of lectures for others. Right now, I only do readings during special promotions. To know when these actions take place, I advise you to subscribe to my newsletter. My members will be the first to see the offer.

The cards can help you gain insight into certain events or situations because sometimes things just happen that confuse you. Often, that is because you are too involved. The emotions and feelings get a grip on your thinking and acting. This makes it difficult to look at the situation objectively, let alone decide.

Learn To Read Your Tarot Cards

My goal is to teach you to read your tarot cards and deepen that knowledge. For this I will regularly share new content in my blog, but I also develop short training courses. This way you can purchase a new training at your time because you know that you really have time and space for it at that moment.

Paranormal Or Just The Way You Are?

You don’t have to have psychic abilities if you want to study reading tarot cards. It’s because interpreting is more of a psychological game than “receiving” information intuitively. I’ve never felt clairvoyant. You can just be yourself when you read the tarot cards, whether you are intuitively developed or not. The more tarot readings you do, the more you train your intuition. We all receive that information differently. There’s no wrong way.

Is Reading Tarot Cards Woo-Woo?

Some people consider tarot cards woo-woo, but after so many years of experience, I know they’re far from that—as long as you use them properly. In fact, I believe that a woo-woo mindset can actually negatively affect your experience reading tarot cards. Just stay grounded and give yourself a reading that really helps you. That requires you to:

  1. Stay focused
  2. Challenge yourself to feel what needs to be felt
  3. Only read about yourself and not about someone else
  4. Answer your questions and not fall for some vague answer filled with high expectations
  5. And stimulate yourself to determine what your next step is.

A tarot reading where you only find answers as vague one-liners and judgments about what you should do is not helpful. It is therefore best to leave those kinds of readings behind and give yourself what you really need.


Visit the page from where you can find all the meanings of the tarot cards.