element air

Element Air – Swords

Element Air can be connected to the Swords. These cards are about all the processes of our mind, our intellect, the things we can imagine and plan. Often it is about the things you think and think of, science and logic, in combination with everything you can say, present or write.

Look around you. Look at the things you see and hear. They are all results of what was once an aerial process. Once it was an idea, then it became a plan and then the element Earth came in to materialize it. No results, no earth, you could say for many things.

With this element, you can find a connection with your needs. Knowing what you need in that area ensures that you can create what you want. Many people don’t know what they need, unlike what they don’t want. It starts with wondering if the things you see around you would also fit into your life. Let all those aspects gradually come together in a desire for what you want.

Just the change of that process in your head; the change from what you don’t want to what you do want can be an exceptionally important process that deserves a lot of attention. Focus on what you want and not what you don’t want.

Inner conflict

I think that’s why many swords in your readings show (inner) conflicts and difficulties. Swords are simply not the easiest cards to work with. It is very easy to point out that something is wrong, but the solution is often a bit more complicated. Often we are afraid to make a choice, while something like that can often give a lot of energy to get rid of those problems. Some people choose not to make a choice, so the thoughts keep going around and can sometimes keep us awake.

This element can sometimes bring out too many mental aspects and make it difficult for us to get to our feelings. Feeling what’s really going on is hard and sometimes really not fun. It is necessary to keep moving amid all that energy. In that respect, the element air is closely connected to the emotions of element water. With air, however, they can derail. Easily they can go over the top, causing a conflict.

To change your situation, you need to know that your thoughts are creating your situation. If you think you can’t do something, it often doesn’t work.

Law of Attraction

Unbelievable how much time I have wasted with negative thinking and how much fun I have now that my thoughts are much more positive and I trust myself and the universe to create what I want. The Law of Attraction is more powerful than many people think and it deserves attention to train yourself in constructive thoughts that underpin your plans rather than tear them down.

Cards under this energy is certainly not just difficult and conflictual. This element can take you to great heights if you apply it in the right way. Take advantage of it!


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