element earth

Element Earth – Pentacles

In the tarot, cards from the element Earth are linked to the Pentacles. Alternative names for these cards are also coins, discs or shields.

The area controlled by this element is wide. It goes from work, health, your home and home life, your family, your family and friends and everything that has to do with safety and money. We can also group traditions under this subject. Here you build your own safety and survival and everything that is needed for it.

Actually, this element is at the foundation of your life. You build it so you can achieve your goals on it. Without such a foundation, you feel insecure and lack the confidence to step forward.

Essential element

Element Earth is an essential element. Without soil, nothing gets off the ground. That may sound strange, because it is the most stable element you can think of. Compare it to writing a book, like I did. My inspiration came from fire, water brought depth to the story so that others can now connect with it, air brings a beautiful plot or message and earth ensured me to sit myself at the computer and do the work. Without earth (butt in chair and write), I wouldn’t have been able to write my book.

Although soil is cold and stiff, it simply needs the other elements to blossom and produce its fruits. It is the basis for being grounded. Too much soil causes you to stay in the same place so that you no longer experience development.

If this element affects you, you are very reliable; you do not just give up but finish the job. You inoculate the formidable biter, which does not stop until it is finished. By the way, these are also the people who make sure they finish the project.

This is a passive element. Characteristics of it are: feminine, nourishing, introverted. This is because material items result from previous active enterprises. Think of communication or thinking (air) or the will and action (fire). After activity, you may rest in passivity.


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