element fire

Element Fire – Wands

The element fire in tarot is symbolized by the Wands. Other names are clubs (clovers), rods, batons, staves. Symbols you often see on these cards are salamanders, the sun and sunflowers.


Jung associated the Wands with the intuitive function and the energetic function that ensure that you get things done. Without enthusiasm and purpose from the Wands, it all remains a beautiful feeling and a plan. This energy pushes you forward and keeps you in action. The fire element warms you up and wants action. Therefore, it also has a strong transforming energy.

We can’t live without the sun. It ensures growth on earth and keeps us warm when necessary. So it protects us. As a result, Wands linked to Fire are about inspiration, vitality and passion. They involve a lot of energy and go straight for the result. But when things go wrong, this element can become brutal and destructive.

Fascination With Fire

Fire fascinates many people. As a small child, the flames of candles or those sparklers on New Year’s Eve were scary but also very exciting (they still are 😊).

Fire was also seen as important in ancient times. The ancient Greeks connected the destructive part of the element with the God of the Underworld, Hades, and the warming creative part with Hephaistos, the God of blacksmiths and craft workers.

Use Element Fire

With that same energy, you can also stand up for yourself. It doesn’t mean you can knock everyone to the ground with the same force, but sometimes you have to use more force to get your point across. You can use the element Fire to do that.

Fire encompasses the will to get things done. Everything you do results from your will. It’s important to know that you’re responsible for the things in your life. If you experience them as problematic, it is your job to change them. From the element Fire you will have to develop the will to transform.


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