element water

Element Water – Cups

The element water is reflected in the Cups in the Tarot Symbols that you often find on these maps include dolphins, waves, rivers and seas. Even if a card is not a Cups card, and you see water, dolphins, waves or rivers present on the card, you can assume that (deep) emotions are connected to it.

Element water is about everything that has to do with your feelings. It goes from the dreams and insights you have to despair on the bathroom floor. We can say that we are governed by our feelings. Some will stop you in your tracks and others will motivate you to step forward.

The element water is a very important element. Actually, you can’t live without it, just like all those other elements. Water is essential to you. It keeps your body alive, and without it, you wouldn’t be able to feel at all. That is why you need to drink lots of water when you are going through an emotional phase in your life; to allow them to flow through your body. Flow is the verb here!


Love or the lack of love is often a reason we feel. That is also why the cups and this element have to do with the love in our lives. Love for the other, but especially love for ourselves. Many of our problems are caused by us finding it hard to love ourselves.

Feelings and emotions often go up and down, just like waves. But the element water mirrors you perfectly. Dare to look yourself in the eye in your feelings. It is not as bad as it sometimes seems. Don’t lose perspective by letting your emotions flood you, but take back your power. Power that can also be found in water. Just think of how water can even erode rocks.

This element is also connected to the planets Venus and the Moon. Venus rules love while the Moon connects with the feeling of security and receptivity. Much of what you recognize in the Moon is recognized in the Cups. That is also why this element and that group of cards focus on your deep inner emotions, your creativity and psychic abilities.

This element is passive that prefers to stay in the background. Still, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of sharing your feelings when it feels right.


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