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Kings in Tarot: How To Interpret Them

Together with the Queens, the Kings in tarot form a partnership that focuses on leadership and giving direction. They do that in a very directive way which is way more clearly than the Queen will tell you to do things. While the Kings can give an order, the Queen will focus on giving you a method to figure things out yourself. That way, you are behind what needs to be done. With the King, however, you get an assignment that you need to fulfill and both have their benefits. The King gives you that clarity directly.

The Kings cards

  • King of Wands
  • King of Cups
  • King of Swords
  • King of Pentacles

Meaning of the King in tarot

For example, the King can look at the paintwork of the house and say: “The paint is peeling off, I am arranging a painter.” His wife will first take in the situation and then say, “Gee, look at that paint. We need to do something about it.” Then she lets topic come back a few times in later conversations, after which you “come up with the idea” to do the paintwork yourself this summer. It seems as if you came up with it yourself, but still she started the idea.

Because of his approach, the King is more likely to encounter resistance, while the Queen rarely has that problem. He does not consider the inner processes that takes place in people. He is goal-oriented. What he has in mind, he also wants to manifest, and for that, he sets out the actions that he finds necessary – straight toward his goal. So you could conclude that the King has a powerful personality and that he is someone to be reckoned with (just like the Queen but differently).

Completely unique approach

Yet every King has his own way of dealing with things. Because the element of air rules him, all his actions come from his mind. As a result, the King of Cups will not allow himself to not be completely carried away with his feelings. The King of Swords (air/air) is thought to the max; he will hardly allow for feelings. This goes for you as well. The King of Wands can be an intense character because his thoughts can fan his inner fire with all that air. This makes him a flammable type! The Koning of Pentacles will take things a little less heavy. This means that he’s less likely to order your around, but he wants you to have your stuff in order.

Kings in tarot are active cards because you immediately know what he expected of you. They give direction and call on you to become a leader about your situation. He can serve as an example to you by telling your “subjects” what you want them to do. He asks you to communicate with clarity so there’s no more doubt about what you want. Give them assignments and see how happy most of them are. Only the people who are themselves ruled by the element of air may have some difficulty with your approach, but hey, you don’t have to be friends with everyone, do you?


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