knights in tarot

Knights in Tarot: How To Interpret Them

If you want to understand the Knights in tarot, you will need to know where he comes from hierarchically. If you look at a medieval court, you have the King and Queen as the rulers. They decide upon strategies and policies of the country. The Knight has the role of protector of the country and implements everything the King decides. He has a task to fill and is not afraid to do so. It’s no problem for him because he is task-oriented and goal-oriented. No matter what gets in his way, he’s willing to fight for it very hard.

The Knights cards

  • Knight of Wands
  • Knight of Cups
  • Knight of Swords
  • Knight of Pentacles

Element Fire

If you pull one of the above cards, you are asked to stand up for your goals and defend them and take action in a big way. At the very least embrace your goals and be ready to act. Defend what you stand for. For this, you need to know where you start and where the finish line is. But most of all you need to know YOU are.

These defenders of the elements are, from their knighthood, connected to the element of fire. The Knights set the boundaries and advise you to do so as well. They are, by definition, very active. They always seem to be on their way toward something. The active knights move much quicker than the passive (read more about the elements for this). The active Knights can be rash, while the more passive ones follow a more thoughtful route. But the same applies to all of them: they know what they are doing and go for what they want. They are the executors of law and order. Don’t stop them.

Instead of around you, they run you over. They move forward, they can’t help it. They make sure that their environment adapts to them instead of they to their environment. For this, we can blame them for not taking others into account.

The Knights in tarot cards

As you can see, there are four cards in this group. The Knight of Cups wants to win the heart and tell his beloved that he loves her. The Knight of Pentacles is about reaching your goals slow but doing things thorough. The Knight of Swords challenges you to be smart in a mental battle and not to let yourself be drawn into poor communication or negative comments. As far as the Knight of Wands is concerned, it is about fighting an inspired battle in which you have an eye for spirituality and inspiration. Don’t be trumped by your fiery nature.


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