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The Emperor Tarot Card Meaning


The Emperor tarot card affirmation: “I trust in my strength and let others know what my opinion is.”

Keyword Phrases The Emperor Tarot Card

Upright Meaning

  • Order
  • Regularity
  • Authority
  • Father(figure)
  • Tribulation
  • Solid
  • Foundation
  • Willpower
  • To organize
  • Seeing a challenge in an obstacle or problem

Reversed Meaning

  • Tribulation
  • Struggling
  • Power struggle
  • Finding your way through bureaucracy
  • Loss of authority or motivation
  • Cold and calculating man

Examples The Emperor Tarot Card

emperor tarot

The Emperor from the Shadowscape Tarot

emperor tarot

An Example of The Emperor from the 78 Doors Tarot

The Emperor Tarot Card in Your Reading

This archetypal father earns the money to take care of us and protect us from the evil outside world. It is the side of our personality that takes care of the boring side of life: work, money, paying the bills and filling out the tax papers. He is the one who sets the rules but also follows them himself. Without those conditions in his life, he becomes confused and struggles with his role as a leader.

The Emperor forms a couple with the Empress. Where she takes care of the soft side of life, this leader takes care of the rest. He makes sure everything gets done. It provides a solid foundation on which you can shape your home and family. What he needs to remember is that life is full of give and take. So, as a leader, he must both take but also provide service and faithful support. That’s why his throne is so square and solid.

Father figure

Your father’s role in your life is important. The way he took on that role shows how you deal with authority figures in your life. If we are not in balance with the father figure, we find it difficult to have someone above us. Either we don’t accept this person as a boss (or a police officer or whatever) or we huddle into a little ball because someone is yelling at us. Leadership is primarily personal leadership.

This figure tells you that if you want something in life, you need to have a plan. He always has one and follows it to the letter. He regularly evaluates his position and changes things if he doesn’t go in the right direction. Are you going in the right direction right now? If not, see what you need and what you can do yourself.


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