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Justice Tarot Card Meaning


The Justice tarot card tells you: “I assess my situation without becoming emotionally attached to it.”

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Upright Meaning

  • Objectivity
  • End of a cycle
  • Do not judge
  • Compromise
  • Do whatever it takes
  • Balanced personality
  • Get what you deserve
  • Karma

Reversed Meaning

  • Being falsely accused
  • Confusion
  • Uncertainty
  • Delay in negotiations
  • End of a marriage
  • Losing a lawsuit (just the business part, not the emotional part)

Examples Justice Card

justice tarotThe Justice card from the Robin Wood Tarot

justice tarot

An Example of Breakthrough (Justice) card from the OshoZen Tarot

The Justice Card in Your Reading

There you are. Decide or they will decide for you. When this happens, your influence will be minimal. This card comes to the forefront when you must weigh many factors and have a lot to think about. You can only do this if you remain calm and neutral. Emotions will negatively affect your judgment.

If you’re awaiting a court ruling, try not to play the victim’s role. That won’t help you. By staying in your strength you can help get yourself get a fair verdict. Not only are you hoping for a fair decision, but you’ll also need to be honest about your role in the whole situation. What did you contribute to the result you have now? So, try to look at the situation from your opponent’s point of view, and try to see if we can also blame you for something. Often, it takes two to tango. But when you are convinced that there is nothing on your side, it is important to stay as neutral as possible. Would a judge agree with you? This can help you avoid such a situation in the future.

Like I said, try to see your role throughout the whole of what happened and decide if you should apologize.


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