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Strength Tarot Card Meaning


Strength tarot card affirmation: “I have an immeasurable source of inner courage.”

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Upright Meaning

  • Trust yourself
  • Ability to deal with what life brings you
  • Courage
  • Carrying capacity
  • Flexibility
  • Control your destiny
  • People who come to you for guidance
  • Self confidence
  • Support

Reversed Meaning

  • Fear
  • Losing hope
  • Despondent
  • Give up the fight
  • Fight for your happiness
  • Laziness
  • Surrender
  • Burnout
  • Break under pressure
  • Lost your inner guidance
  • Aimless

Examples Strength Tarot Card

strength tarot

Strength from the Gaian Tarot

strength tarot

An Example of The Chariot from the Gilded Tarot

Strength Tarot Card in Your Reading

Now that you have decided at the Chariot, you can feel confident about the execution of your plan. Once upon a time (with the Magician) that plan felt superb. Now it’s time to do what you want and manifest your desire. Work hard and believe in yourself.

You are at a positive point in your life and all you have to do is take advantage of the opportunities you get. People recognize that in you and like to connect with your energy. It’s like they need you to set a good example or to have someone say to them, come on, you can do it.

You don’t need that anymore. If it does not convince you, you only need to look inside yourself. There you will find everything. It’s a friendly power.

With the Chariot, that force can sometimes be rough at the edges, with this card it comes from within. The lion really wouldn’t open his mouth to you if you forced him. And if it were ego-power, he would really tear you apart alive. That he works with you means you are now in the flow. Let yourself drift along and connect with that feeling. Feels good, huh? Remember that feeling when you’re trying to paddle against the current again? Know that all you must do is turn around to get back into the flow.

If you’re not feeling well right now, don’t force the situation. You won’t feel much better if you do. Just work on getting stronger and connecting with your inner strength before doing what this card recommends. Don’t lean on others, because in your desire to be powerful, you drain them completely. Try to stand on your own two feet and take responsibility for your healing and health.


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