numerology 10

Numerology 10 In Your Tarot Reading

Normally, the 10 is not used in numerology. You’d add the 1 and 0 together to arrive at 1 again. Yet in the tarot, it has its own meaning.

Numerology 10: look at what you’ve achieved

With the ten you recognize that what is ready for the next phase. You give yourself a pat on the back for your diligence and commitment. You have worked very hard and now you can look back satisfied. Of course, that does not have to be the case because even negative processes end here. That can also satisfy you. At 10, everything ends. You have reached the bottom (or the top) and the cycle is fully developed. From now on, a new cycle starts again at 0 and 1.

Sometimes, at the beginning of a new phase, where you start over, you can feel doubtful again if it will ever become the thing you imagined. You worry your dream will always remain a dream. But be amazed at the influence that thoughts can have. We say: if you can dream it, you can do it. Therefore, just spend time on your dreams and your deepest desires. If you can dream it, you can also manifest it. Without you knowing it, all kinds of events can take place that lead you to the opportunity to manifest your dream. Just understand that you do not have to understand everything all the time.

Understand that sometimes the Universe has magical ways to help you carry out your dream. I think that is why you should never give up on your dream. Dream it and it will take root in your unconscious, waiting until it is time to blossom.


The 10 is about the recognition you give yourself when you have actually completed something; that you’re completely done with it. All tens in your tarot deck have to do with the Fool (0), the Magician (1) and the Wheel of Fortune (10). The Fool has a lot to do with the original idea and the Magician is precisely about the skills you need to manifest that idea. The Wheel shows that development is an ongoing process (even when you think you’re a standstill). With that, we can say that it does not end with the ten because there is a new start hiding in there.


  • Bars 10
  • Cups 10
  • Swords 10
  • Pentacles 10
  • Wheel of Fortune (10
  • The Sun (19)