numerology 2

Numerology 2 In Your Tarot Reading

Numerology 2 seeks connection with others. This can be a confidential connection but also a business connection. The two is about how you share your feelings with others. At the 2, the pressure of the 1 is converted to sharing with others and the experience that it gives. Negotiation is needed, as well as compromise. It helps to work together to achieve your goal.

Dualism also arises here in which one cannot exist without the other. For example, how can you experience happiness if you don’t know what it’s like to be very unhappy? This gives the 2 an enormous power. Not by controlling the entire gang, but by entering cooperation so that harmony can arise. You can therefore see the two as a kind of catalyst that sees both sides and reacts with each other to create a mixture that both can agree with.

Connecting energy

Numerology 2 is therefore a connecting energy that ultimately ensures harmony and peace. Something that is needed after the unbridled chaos of the 1 and to prepare for the creation at 3. All this is completely intuitive.

It gives the 2 enormous power over situations and relationships, but because of her sensitivity, she knows how to act so subtly that it will always be okay. No one sees it happening and yet healing takes place.

Negative side of numerology 2

On the negative side, numerology can be indecisive and easily irritated. Of course, it also takes quite a lot to have so much influence on such important processes. Because of all that sensitivity, an insult can affect her just a little too much so that the 2 has to withdraw for a while.

The boundaries of the 2 can sometimes be fluid so that they are not clear to themselves or to others. That is why numerology 2 often has to protect herself from those negative feelings and re-identifies the boundaries. Every time.


  • Wands 2
  • Cups 2
  • Swords 2
  • Pentacles 2
  • The High Priestess (2)
  • Justice (11)
  • Judgment (20)