numerology 4

Numerology 4 In Your Tarot Reading

The first completion occurs at numerology 4. Just think of the elements and the card colors (wands, cups, pentacles, and swords). In some spreads, you’ll see the directions being used as well. In The World (21), we see the compass points represented as symbols: man (air), lion (fire), eagle (water) and bull (earth). You could even make links with the levels within yourself at where the number four comes back: mind, mind, emotion, and physical body. With each of these examples, you can imagine what effect that has on cards with a four. They affect safety and stability. If a part is missing, the whole becomes shaky and can easily collapse. Therefore, this number is also associated with diligence, hard work, and discipline. Sometimes you can, of course, limit that, but that is your responsibility.

It is and remains a matter of contemplating what is useful for you and what is not.  Eventually, the foundation is done on which we build the rest. That is why everything that happens here must be practical, realistic, and effective.

Harmony returns at numerology 4

Numerology 4 brings back harmony into your reading. Don’t forget to look closely at these cards because they can tell you the escape route; the solution to the problem. Often that requires a lot of discipline, but a problem never arises because you were paying attention or were working in a disciplined manner. Do not go along with the negative side of the four: being stiff and restrictive. Sometimes it can also show things that are stuck and that need to be set in motion again.

If you have a four as a birth number, then you are a go-getter, diligent and tenacious. Discipline is your middle name and you probably do well in business and finance. Your creativity is probably a little less developed because you are probably a bit more in your head. There’s nothing wrong with that, it just shows that you like logic.

Four is linked to the color green. This makes it a calming, harmonious color that brings help with runaway emotions and worry.


  • Wands 4
  • Cups 4
  • Swords 4
  • Pentacles 4
  • The Emperor (4)
  • Death (13)