numerology 5

Numerology 5 In Your Tarot Reading

Numerology 5 is connected to Mars. This is the planet that stands for ambition, activity, daring, and courage. On the other hand, this can also explain your uncertainty and fear. These insecurities often cause arguments and anger, which in turn brings change. This can scare you, but actually, it is also something to respect. Used in the right way, it can mean a lot in your life. Everyone needs a kick for their ass from time to time and the five take care of that.

Associations with numerology 5

Two cards from the Major Arcana are associated with the five Hierophant (5) (which stands for the quiet and conventional teacher) and Temperance (14) (which teaches you that something less is also quite fine). They are an antidote to the sometimes destructive power of the five.

Because of the changing influence of the five, this figure is connected to the color blue. Blue has a calming influence that relieves weak nerves and anxiety. This gives it all a bit more calm so that even the heaviest five come to rest.

Even though that 5 seems scary and difficult, there is liberating energy in this figure. You can detach yourself from limitations and routines. As a result, it has a cleansing power like a tornado that rages through your life. This gives you the freedom to be who you really are. Therefore, it can be a good idea to welcome the five into your life. It is not an easy number, but one that can yield a lot.

Constructive application

If you respond in the right way to the challenge that the five offers you, you use it constructively. Of course, you can also choose to flee, but eventually, you will encounter a new mountain that you have to overcome. You are free to deal with it as you wish. Challenges remain.

To be truly free, it is your challenge to realize your wishes and desires. Do this without relying on or building on others. That sounds harsh, but it’s important you only rely on yourself and your skills. It should be your manifestation, not someone else’s. This means that you have to get to know yourself, better than you know the other person. For that, you can never hide the truth about yourself.

For this reason, numerology 5 often shows you that you are responsible for your own (sense of) freedom. This can lead to conflict, but remembering that this is also the card of complete freedom gives you the motivation to start the challenges that are presented to you.


  • Wands 5
  • Cups 5
  • Swords 5
  • Pentacles 5
  • The Hierophant (5)
  • Temperance (14)