numerology 6

Numerology 6 In Your Tarot Reading

Numerology 6 is a nice number. If you are confronted with this figure in your life, it shows that you are involved with others and that you can receive the trust and love from them. You belong to the giving and warm species that likes to connect with the other.

Numerology 6: Balance

To do this, you need to be heart-connected. The numerology 6 symbolism shows this through its inward turning movement. It makes you a balanced person so that you can be more peaceful.

Under the influence of the six, you see that perfection really exists. You can enjoy it and you use it to create your best manifestations. This allows you to experience you can only really enjoy yourself when you are in harmony with yourself and your environment. You finish the second phase in your development. The first one was at three, and the third will come at nine. Six is in the middle between these two points where both energies meet.

That is also why connecting, and merging are characteristics that belong strongly to the six. Here, the physical and mental balance comes together in a powerful combination that makes you a master of your own destiny. This makes it a responsible phase that you are currently working on. Not only because you handle yourself but also because you can be an important concern for others. That is why reconciliation and healing also belong to the six. Your influence can be called healing.

Others like to see positive things

Your positive attitude toward life generates reactions from the surrounding people. Your optimism is important to them. Sometimes they cannot yet hear the call in their own hearts, but you are their example. Therefore, keep walking with that smile or grin on your face. It ensures that the lives of others are illuminated so that they, too, can experience beauty.

All this beauty does not mean that you can close your eyes to all the bad things that also exist in the world. However, you don’t let it affect your mind so much that you suffer from it, something that many others have yet to learn. Six brings out the best in us.

After all the problems and changes of the five, this six is very welcome. Finally, stability and perfection are here. Therefore, count your blessings and lick your wounds. Here, you can regain renewed energy. Rest so that you are ready for the next phase of your life.


  • Wands 6
  • Cups 6
  • Swords 6
  • Pentacles 6
  • Lovers (6
  • The Devil (15)