numerology 7

Numerology 7 In Your Tarot Reading

Numerology 7 connects with magic. In many societies, including ours, we see many references to this number. Just think of the seven colors of the rainbow, seven as a lucky number, and the seven original planets in astrology (before we had the technology to see more). Just think of the seven Buddhist steps on the way to divinity and the belief that the earth was created in seven days. So there are probably more things that are connected to the seven.

After the balanced realization at six, a new phase begins in numerology 7. We bring in our Higher Self, the things that we don’t understand yet, but want to. A lot of changes within ourselves, especially our self-image. With a more conscious view of the world and ourselves, we go on a journey again. We know better where to put the emphasis and what is important. You have been challenged, and you have passed your first exam.

Numerology 7: Dependency released

You can now trust yourself and can let go of your dependency on others. To do this, you first need to get to know yourself. Without this cathartic process that takes place partly at five and six, the release at seven is impossible.

Your assignment is to discover your special skills. Also, know what makes you sad and happy. Not everyone can do that. Then you must dare to take all these experiences together into something infinitely valuable and elevate them as the most precious of your life. If the challenges in your life don’t upset you anymore, then you’ve passed the seven-stage. That is why the seven is attributed to wisdom. Self-confidence, insight, and independence are linked to this.

Discovering the power within yourself

You can say that the power that you first got from your environment can now be found within yourself and that you have tapped into the source. You are no longer afraid to be alone and can enjoy your own company. Your Higher Self emerges and begins with recognition and acceptance of yourself. Then you can also use your intuition. You cannot do this until you have arrived at this point. Real intuition differs from using your antennae because you are reacting to fearful premonitions of your ego. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this is your intuition.

If numerology 7 is part of your setup, then it can cause agitation in the earlier years. There can be a lot of dissatisfaction and uncertainty because they simply do not yet have the experience and insight that goes with this figure. They then constantly feel like a failure or non-compliance with the requirements. You simply need your experience to apply this, but if that is not yet the case, it can feel very unsettling.

The color attributed to numerology 7 is violet, which also appears in the chakra colors.


  • Wands 7
  • Cups 7
  • Swords 7
  • Pentacles 7
  • Chariot (7)
  • Tower (16)