numerology 8

Numerology 8 In Your Tarot Reading

With numerology 8 you have gone through two phases in which you have completed certain projects. I pretty much explained this with the 4. Now you can look back and see how far you’ve come. You have laid an excellent foundation for what is coming next. Therefore, it stands for completeness and completion.

To infinity

Yet you’re never done with an eight. Just turn it on its side and you will find the infinity symbol that you also find on the map of the Magician.  So it is a very long, perhaps infinite search for who you are and the power that resides within it.

On most versions of that card, you will find such a symbol. It shows that you start over and over again, even when you think you’re done. You take knowledge from those old phases and apply it again in new projects. And so that which is old always lives on. What you think, and what your belief is, you take with you, even on a subconscious level. The experience is always part of your current manifestation. If you take negative thoughts with you, they manifest themselves just as well as you have positive thoughts. You have full responsibility for what you manifest. Eights are therefore about how you apply certain knowledge or beliefs practically, every day.

Readings with numerology 8

Readings in which many eights occur, often have to do with hard work and the expectations we impose on ourselves by ourselves or by others. You need to make an effort for what you want. It requires you to commit to changing your world, to ask a certain commitment of yourself to put down what you want so badly. After all, the sun rises for nothing. This is not only about working, but also about in-depth processes within yourself. Just look at the Swords 8, that is surely hard work.

This is about applying what you have learned and discovered. This is not easy. Life involves trial and error. Often we have a certain talent somewhere, but we often also have a piece about which we feel insecure and where we still have a lot to learn. The eight often brings that up as well.


The eight also include a piece of perfectionism. You work very hard to make it all very good and sturdy. In that respect, we all strive for the highest achievable and we often want to be an inspiration for others. That is why the 8 also has a harmonizing influence because this evokes the best in everyone.

The number eight is linked to the color pink. Therein lies the dynamics of the red mixed with the illuminating influence of white. People who have an eight in their personal setup are therefore often seen as a (shining) example. Nevertheless, they must be careful not to hide the emotional side of life. They are so focused on achieving results that they sometimes do not understand or recognize their feelings. It only distracts them from what they are doing.


  • Wands 8
  • Cups 8
  • Swords 8
  • Pentakels 8
  • Strength (8)
  • The Star (17)