numerology 9

Numerology 9 In Your Tarot Reading

I have mentioned numerology 9 twice already: in the three and in the six. I strongly connect 9 with 3 and 6 because they form one circle together (balance—satisfaction—manifestation).

Numerology 9: going towards completion

Let’s go through the individual numbers again: one had an idea, a concept that you will develop further with two. With three, you saw that a balance emerged between the concept and that elaboration. Still, you weren’t quite ready so at four you evaluated the whole thing and planned on it further and you came across five problems that you had to solve. This resulted in changes that you could look at with satisfaction at six. However, you saw you were still not ready yet, so you went on to seven that showed the actual manifestation. At eight, you apply what you have made/learned toward others and you feel more confident with what you’ve created. At nine, you approach the actual completion to see the full integration into your life at ten.

You can look at all those changes in your life from this cycle. Just think of setting up a business or a relationship that is just starting out. With all changes you go through that entire cycle from 1 to 10. Of course, it all depends on which suit you link to the number, but still it all goes through a certain growth.

Numerology 9: Satisfaction

At 9, you can finally see what you have made and be satisfied with it. Until that moment, there is always something in you that was not congruent with your values. That’s also why some people linger in certain stages for a long time; because they cannot be satisfied. What you have developed is finally coming to fruition. Of course, if you started with a negative conviction about your concept that the results will be negative as well here. You may wonder why you ignored the signs on the wall for so long. What do you not want to see and do you bury your head in the sand?

A nine gives selflessly of themselves to others. They do not expect any reward in return. If you can give to the other person with no expectations, it shows that you are manifesting what you desired. If you still need it for yourself, you will keep it to yourself because the stream of manifestation is not yet ‘automatic.’ Numerology 9 shows us that the number is actually about sharing excess; aspects or things you have enough of and are confident you will never be without.

Numerology 9: gold

The color that belongs to the 9 is gold. This is a color that belongs to healers and teachers. Often, these people have gold in their aura when they share their excess. You could associate this with wealth and it is. These people have so much with some aspect of life (be it money, love, knowledge, or whatever). Sometimes, this can also give them some moralistic traits and determine the norms and values of others. Often, they have a leadership position, but this doesn’t have to be at work only. Many nines are informal leaders. They are sensitive to the emotions of others and often have a deep desire to help them or reduce their pain.


  • Wands 9
  • Cups 9
  • Swords 9
  • Pentacles 9
  • Hermit (9)
  • The Moon (18)