Using numerology In Your Tarot Reading

Numerology is a nice way to find out a meaning of a tarot card quickly (or at least to get very close to it). By reducing the meaning of the numbers on your tarot card or the added value of your reading to a number between 1 and 10, you can find out the meaning in combination with the card color. Yes, I know that numerology doesn’t use the number 10, but I do 😊.

Although numerology is a stand-alone way to penetrate deeper layers of yourself, tarot and numerology can very well be used together in your reading.

All you need is to know one row by heart and have a good understanding of each of the suits. That’s a lot less than memorizing 78 cards, isn’t it?

Logical order in numerology

As with the Major Arcana on the Fool’s Journey, you can also see a logical order from beginning to end in the numbers. In the original numerology, the number 10 is not used, but in the tarot, this group of cards has an important meaning.

  1. Numerology begins with the Ace; it is like the big bang from which everything originates. It is the new beginning full of potential.
  2. With the two, the impetuousness balances and we see everything exists in duality. Where high is, is low. And where there is big, there is small. Without one, we cannot experience the other.
  3. The three seeks growth through creativity, in order to see and experience more of themselves.
  4. In the four, to prevent chaos, structures are applied to organize stability that can help manifest.
  5. But structures ultimately cause stagnation, which can cause conflict. Change is needed and therefore the whole becomes temporarily unstable.
  6. With a lot of communication and cooperation, harmony is finally restored at six.
  7. This is followed by a period of reflection to draw knowledge from the previous process.
  8. The lessons you learn from this provide mastery and mastery. As a result, you can take action again.
  9. At nine, the phase follows in which you can reap the benefits of past labor; something you can be proud of.
  10. Finally, at ten, the cycle ends and is ready for renewal in the next cycle that starts again at the Ace.

Court cards and numerology

Officially, the court cards have no number. Yet you can look at them from a numerological point of view in two ways:

  • Because the court cards come after the ten ordinary cards, you can continue counting. This gives the court cards the following values:
    • The Page (11/2) who brings the impetuousness into line by learning and asking questions.
    • The Knight (12/3) who counts as (3) Who especially has to and wants to experience a lot. This makes him an explorer.
    • The Queen (13/4) who provides stability to prevent chaos.
    • The King (14/5) who can be conservative, but knows that a decision in his time is good.
  • You can also consider the court cards as a phase based on their age and experience. This allows you to link them as follows:
    • The Page is connected to the numbers 1 to 3;
    • The Knight is connected to the numbers 4 and 5;
    • The Queen is connected to the numbers 6 and 7;
    • The King is connected to the numbers 8 to 10.

Which value you choose and cooperate with must come from the reading, the question and the situation.

Major Arcana and Numerology

Since the Major Arcana cards also have numbers and numbers, they also have a logical order. If a card has a number, add up both separate digits together to arrive at a single digit. It is called the underlying energy. I thought it was a special fact that you can get much more out of one card that way.

Just think of the Star (17). If you add 1 and 7 together, you get 8. The 8 is about the lessons you learned and take away from the Tower experience, so that it didn’t happen for nothing (because it was intense enough!).

This is the easy way to incorporate numerology into your lecture or your card of the day and get even more out of it.


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