pages in tarot

Pages in Tarot: How To Interpret Them

The Pages in tarot are also called Squire or Princess. The easiest way to approach these cards is to look at them as if from the medieval castle. Just imagine that you see him (or her, because you can do both) walking in the courtyard. They get their assignments and chores from all kinds of people. The cook wants him to get a bucket of fresh water; the farrier wants them to get a horse out of the pasture, and the Knight wants them to polish his boots. It’s pretty hard work for such a relatively young child.

He is the youngest servant and still has a lot to learn. They go all over the place and listen well because they want to learn fast. This also makes them a bit of a know-it-all and serve as the messenger of the court. But they also have a lot to learn, especially about the element which they hold. What can they learn from it? How can it help them? How does it not help them?

The Pages in Tarot

  • Page of Wands
  • Page of Cups
  • Page of Swords
  • Page of Pentacles

Element Earth

Pages are, as a group of cards, are listed under the earth element. That makes them as a person less focused on mental processes and shows that they are focused on growth. Knowing this, you can then conclude that the Page of Pentacles is an earth/earth personality who must learn to deal with money, work, health, and domestic life. The Page of Cups must develop in feelings and emotions, but must also learn to listen more to his intuition. Because Swords focus on logical and mental processes, the Page of Swords will suddenly come up with an idea or develop a plan for the first time. A plan that just comes up is a typical Page of Swords thing. This Page will also have to learn to control their sharp tongue in difficult situations. The Page of Wands has to develop spiritually and must learn to open up to inspiration from sources other than themselves. They must also learn to let themselves be carried away by life and to surrender to what is going on at certain moments.

A page does not have to be about a child in our environment. Age does not play a role in this card. Even when you’re older, there are still things we can develop in.

If you pull a Page, be inspired by what you can learn and grow into. Who do you want to be when you grow up? Think about what you are not so good at yet, or what you always wanted to learn about the element in which the Page in question is located. This can also sometimes provoke some resistance because of what you have left behind.


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