queens in tarot

Queens in Tarot: How To Interpret Them

Together with the King, the Queens in tarot rule life and work through the other tarot cards. She addresses leadership from a feminine point of view. This is important because who would you like to rule if no one is there to be ruled?

The Queens cards in your deck

  • Queen of Wands
  • Queen of Cups
  • Queen of Swords
  • Queen of Pentacles

Meaning of the Queen

Both the King and the Queen are about decision-making in power and leadership. However, the Queen handles things differently than the king. She is much more subtle than him. If she wants a new topic to be discussed, she will first mention it, then let the word come back several times, after which she will only then address the subject. The King goes addresses it directly: he just rules the topic and makes some decisions before he tells others about it.

The water element rules Queens. This makes them much more receptive than the other cards and they can relate much better to others, although each Queen will handle their situation in different ways. It all depends on the suit they are ruled by.

For example, the Queen or Swords speaks directly about what occupies her mind. She does this with a lot of feelings. She is good at resolving conflicts. The Queen of Cups focuses much more on the emotions and will appeal to your feelings. The Queen of Pentacles is engaged in work or business and money matters; all to take care of the people she loves so much. Finally, the Queen of Wands will focus on inspiring you so that you can reach your highest goals.

Because these ladies are so connected to feelings, keep a close eye on them when things don’t go as they planned. On the lower side, they can fall for manipulation. All of them can take on a victim’s role but will hide it differently. On the plus side, they are incredibly caring women who will surround you with all the attention and love you need. They can help you in achieving your goals.

Strong women

The Queens in tarot are strong women. Especially if you are not comfortable in your own skin, it can help to use them as an energy card. Do you find it difficult to express your opinion? Then choose the Queen of Swords. Do you find it difficult to be loving toward others? Choose the Queen of Cups. Choose the Queen of Pentacles if you are struggling to balance everything at work and at home or balance your checkbook and choose the Queen of Wands when you need energy and inspiration to follow your soul path. Connect with the energy these women radiate and become a leader in your field.

Do you have problems with a woman in your life? Then look at which of the four queens suits her. Next, look at the separate descriptions of these cards and look for the positive side of the troublemaker in your life. You’ll understand them much better. You’ll be more open to solving your problems instead of fighting them.


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