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Tarot Prediction Analysis for my Book & Business

Tarot Prediction Analysis for my Book & Business

Writing a prediction analysis with divinatory tools about how my new book Tarot Guide for Beginners will be doing in its first year of release is dangerous, right? I totally agree because what if I’m wrong? But after successfully doing a prediction analysis for the winner of the 2020 USA elections, I want to try again. Beginners’ luck, 50/50 change; I still don’t believe everything I read in the cards.

This time, I combined all modalities I’ve dabbled in to predict the book’s success and how it will affect my life.

A prediction analysis is only words and numbers

I will use numerology techniques to calculate various tarot cards, and I will go into my Akashic Record to see how they relate.

Upfront, I want to emphasize that this prediction analysis is just for fun. I’m as proud I can be already. Finishing a book isn’t a small thing, especially when it is a book close to your heart, as the preceding Dutch version has always been.

I am also very aware that when a card comes up that “predicts” mind-blowing success, it doesn’t dismiss me from taking responsibility for making it so. Also, if a sucky card comes up, I’ll dismiss it 😊. We’re only talking about probabilities and possibilities here.

The difference between probability and possibility

When I talk about success for my book in this prediction analysis and how it will affect me, it is essential to distinguish between probability and possibility. These terms come from my work in the Akashic Records, where I often work with outcomes. Most people struggle to understand the difference between them, though.

Probability means an outcome already has a fair chance of occurring as circumstances stand right now, given your current path and past choices. It means that you can’t get a 100% probability if you’re cold to the journey and haven’t decided on a specific outcome before. Since I’m pretty cold onto this journey, I don’t expect a 100% probability of only having written a manuscript. My audience needs to be built, and more people still need to hear about what I’m up to. Also, people need to learn more about my other offerings and what is coming up in that area.

Possibility means that an outcome CAN conceivably occur but most likely needs an amount of adjustment to your path and stepping away from your past choices. This means that you need to be willing to take different actions toward the desired outcome because, let’s face it, the Universe isn’t a genie in a bottle. If you don’t do anything, the Universe will not either.

So I set out to create a table of the probability and possibility of total earnings a year after the release (August 2022 to July 2023). While working on it, I thought about my willingness to make things possible. Since I work part-time and don’t intend to give that up, my time is limited. Also, think about doctor’s appointments, extra work hours, wellness and massage, seeing friends, workouts, sleeping, eating, etc. Thinking and planning as if I always have 24 hours per week available sets me up for failure. I will forever feel behind and, in the end, give up. I’ve been there. Also, if I have to put everything aside to improve the possibility of earning big bucks, I may lose the fun in this project.

What I found in my Akashic Record

To get some answers, I went into my Akashic Record and dowsed some total earnings in 12 months that the book and offers can generate. Notice that the numbers below are not percentages but numbers on a scale from 0 to 100:

Total Earnings in 12 months

Probability Possibility Joy score

< $ 10,000

87 100


$ 15,000

79 96 50

$ 20,000

74 93 55

$ 25,000

72 89


$ 30,000 68 84


$ 40,000 60 46


$ 50,000 45 33


What these scores tell me

The scores show that the sweet spot of what is probable, possible, and fun lies somewhere around $ 30,000 for me. As I am not financially dependent on this, it is already a hoot to have such an amount of money as earnings in a year – my inner smile just got much bigger!

The table in this prediction analysis also shows that while I consciously feel I have no expectations for the book, apparently, I have subconscious expectations that it “should” be more than $ 20,000; otherwise, it is no “fun.” See how the fun score almost doubles above that? My current beliefs limit me to somewhere between $ 30,000 and $ 40,000. Above $ 40,000 of earnings, things seem to be less possible since the possibility percentage quickly diminishes above that. I found the answer for that in my Akashic Record: it’s because of limiting beliefs. Good to know this!

Let’s move on to the numerical calculations for myself and the book.

Tarot Prediction Analysis for my Book & Business

Calculating my personal year card

Using the same technique as I did in the US election blog, let’s look at several calculations for this current prediction analysis.

Let’s start with my personal year card. The calculation for the personal year card is as follows: I celebrate my birthday on April 12.

12 + 4 + 2022 = 2038 = 13 = 4

Death (13) and Emperor (4)

Looking at the thirteenth Major Arcana card, we see the Death card. This card doesn’t scare me at all; I celebrate it! It does not predict an actual death but a transformation. This is what I write about Death in Tarot Guide for Beginners:

General Theme Death:

Self-induced transition

Keyword Phrases:

Being fired, change of identity, changing old habits, changing status, death and rebirth, disposing of what is not helpful, elimination, end of a chapter, end of a relationship, focus on the essentials, leaving home, moving house, new beginning, resigning, self-induced transition, separation, significant changes, transformation, transition into a next phase

And this is what I wrote about The Emperor in my book:

General Theme Emperor:


Keyword Phrases:

Authority, bound creativity, career, commander, confidence, control, coordination, directive, discipline, government, guide, leadership, logic, masculinity, mission, order, organization, power, promotion, protector, rational, rules, self-assured, self-control, status, strength, structure, systematic, tying up loose ends, vision, wisdom

It’s quite the process I’m going through this year, and I can already acknowledge how most of these keyword phrases are true for me. This project is more than just writing a book and rebuilding a business. I made an essential change in how I approached my business. I let go of the frustration that my business didn’t do what I wanted it to do, and I surrendered to fun and joy. At the same time, learning from my Manifesting Blueprint, I needed to work with goals (which I wasn’t doing anymore because #faileverytime). I approached the project with more structure and control than I was used to and was surprised to see how it improved my confidence.

I felt insecure and anxious about marketing anything I made in the past, so I wasn’t doing it (except for some pathetic whispers now and then). Over the last few months, I have learned to become more vocal about what is happening. Because of the structured approach, I was able to pull the release date from October to August.

It is beautiful to see both cards reflected in what I am experiencing now. It always surprises me how numerology and tarot can be used together.

Calculating the card for Tarot Guide for Beginners

Tarot Guide for Beginners will release on August 11, 2022. That date serves as a birthday, which makes it easy to calculate its birth card, and every year after that, I can calculate a year card for the book. In the first year, the birth card is also the year card.

August 11, 2022: 8 + 11 + 2022 = 2041 = 7

This is what I write about the Chariot (7) in Tarot Guide for Beginners:

General Theme for Chariot (7)


Keyword Phrases:

Ambition, assertiveness, authority, being at the helm, being in control, clear goals, competition, concentration, confidence, controlling your emotions, courage, efficiency, initiative, progress by balancing opposing forces, progress over perfection, self-centered, showing leadership, skills, steering in the right direction, success, travel, victory

Well, hello! This feels like quite the journey that I will experience with this book. Of course, it is dependent on how much action I am willing to take. Still, looking at the energy this book releases in my life, I won’t have to worry about willingness—words like initiative, setting clear goals, and confidence. But let’s not skim over balancing opposing forces, progress over perfection, and success.

This book feels like a love baby and a practice run simultaneously. I am learning so much about taking action, organizing my work methods, and showing the world what I’m making that I’m super happy that I’m back in my old niche where I once started. It’s funny how one sometimes has to go on a long journey to end up where you started with the same book (although translated and improved) to take it from there. Let’s say I learned a lot about alignment and flow 😊

How the book will affect me

Lastly, let’s look at the energies on the day Tarot Guide for Beginners releases.

For this I take the day and month I was born and add them to the release day:

12 + 4 + 11 + 8 + 2022 = 2057 = 14

This is what I write about Temperance (14) in my book:

General Theme for Temperance (14):


Keyword Phrases:

Acknowledge all parties concerned, balancing, compromise, discretion, do not overdo it, fruitful combination, getting well, good health, harmony, healing, love, making things easier, middle ground, mixing, moderation, mood-disorders, morality, patience, peace, recovering, self-control, synthesis, tolerance.

It’s funny how you sometimes blank out when you see a specific card. That is what happened when I saw Temperance. As an Aries, I always find this card a bit of nothing. Pouring water from one cup into the other seems so useless. Balancing between the watery emotions and the sturdy earth… yeah. Right.

Egoic resistance

But then I noticed the egoic resistance inside. This is what it is all about. On Release Day, the project ends, but that is not where the journey ends. On the contrary, it is where a new cycle starts! And the energy of Temperance is what I need to bring along!

Slowly the story around this card starts to form in my head. I often look at egoic resistance as parts work, also known as IFS (Internal Family Systems), that I need to do. I was introduced to this form of work years ago, where you work with parts like your inner child, the saboteur, the worker, the inner critic, etc.

Interestingly, this modality pops up again while looking at this card. I have always struggled with parts of me that have their reasons for choosing misalignment. Examples are working extremely hard, combined with a part that is very critical of the outcome, and then feeling hurt when you can’t fulfill those expectations: the worker, the inner critic, and the inner child.

Temperance suggests keeping it easy and doing things in moderation. I’m only at the start of a new journey, so give yourself time to release some old stories that got stuck in your mind about failing, expectations, and stuff from how I was raised. Do I need to say: high expectations?

Calm down, keep it fun, and don’t overdo it. Temperance tells me how to do it and prevent falling into the same trap repeatedly.


This is how far I can take this prediction analysis for Tarot Guide for Beginners. I’ve been looking at other books and their writers. Knowing their businesses and how long they’ve been active online, I know my book will not beat them right away. But thinking about hitting around $ 30,000 in the first year might hold a prediction. And think about this: how much fun would it be to strike Guided Tarot off its #1 spot. If only for a short while? Again: it would be a hoot!

The good thing with tarot books is that they don’t go out of fashion. I have and still use a book by Rachel Pollack written in 1980. She updated and republished it in 2019, and it still hits the top 10! This means I have all the time to build the name of this book and other books.

How to stay up to date with me

If you are curious about my book Tarot Guide for Beginners: the release date is August 11, 2022. There is an easy way to stay up to date with my journey, future books I am creating, and discounts only my subscribers receive through my email newsletter. Sign up now.

I only send an email biweekly, so don’t expect me to stampede your inbox (I hate that myself). I will also only report back through my newsletter about the results of the book during its first year.

Jolanda Bolt

Before you click away from this blog, I want to thank you for reading it, whether you’re reading every blog or you happened to find this website by searching a random keyword you wanted to learn more about. It means so much to have you here on this metaphysical journey with me.

My understanding of the metaphysical and how to manifest an abundant life change and evolves all the time. What I hope is that you got something out of this blog. I want you to have a more fulfilling, more authentic life, and one of the ways to do this is to subscribe to my newsletter so you can stay up to date with what I’m creating. Another thing you can do is to decide what this blog taught you, leave your comment below and tell one person you know. Thank you, and I love you.

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