Start Reading Tarot Cards

Reading tarot cards is an excellent tool to give a voice to your subconscious. It’s often challenging to listen to it amid the noise around us, social media, and all the people with their opinions (not to mention your beliefs).

With one tarot card per day, you make space for the silent voice, the voice of your soul.

On this website, you’ll find the meanings of your tarot cards, and I explain how to do a tarot reading for yourself.

The structure of your tarot deck

Every tarot deck has a standard structure. First and foremost, we divide the tarot cards into two groups:

1. The cards of the Major Arcana
2. The cards of the Minor Arcana

The cards of the Major Arcana are not specifically grouped, but there is a famous story related to these cards: the Fool’s Journey. It’s a long story, but I’ve made a beautiful course: A Magical Journey Through the Major Arcana.

The Minor Arcana is divided into four groups:

1. The Wands cards
2. The Cups cards
3. The Swords cards
4. The Pentacles cards

Within each of these groups, there are also four court cards:

Why you should do a tarot reading every day

Firstly, because it’s just a lot of fun to engage with the cards: the meditative shuffling, coming up with a good question, studying the card, the colors, the symbols, finding meaning in those symbols that resonate with you, and so on, there are so many aspects to the cards!

But the essential aspect is moving from understanding the card (with your head) to implementing it into your life and taking action.

How to choose the right tarot deck

Choosing a tarot deck is very personal. What I find a beautiful tarot deck might appear entirely different to you. For me, clear, fresh colors are essential, and I like it when a card contains various symbols. You’ll find decks that I find beautiful scattered all over this website.

Perhaps you prefer a neutral card or a deck with a unique theme. If the theme resonates with you, it’s a deck for you. If it doesn’t, then it’s not meant for you.

How to read tarot cards?

Drawing a tarot card is not difficult. I have explained the process in my book Tarot Guide for Beginners.


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