How Tarot Cards Help You In Your Recovery Journey

The tarot has always been seen as a tool for fortune-tellers. Many people think you need to be psychic to read the cards, but the opposite is true. I believe that psychic abilities do not need a couple of pieces of paper to tell you or anyone their future. I think that we create our future by making individual decisions – some big, some small. Even hanging on to certain feelings is a decision.

I look at tarot cards as a tool to shed light on things that are hidden in my subconscious. Our subconscious is filled with automatic responses to triggers that we receive throughout the day. To handle the triggers, we have taught ourselves to cope with them in our specialized way. Since you are visiting my website, I can safely say that we have chosen to respond to triggers by eating a lot of food. Sometimes so much food that we do not know how to stop anymore.

Our pain, which is formed in our early years, is protected by inner parts that will do anything to keep us safe. While this is often an automatic way of pushing the pain away, it is not what makes us healthier or happier. So we go on a journey to eat less but we keep on binging. The questions we ask ourselves are often hard to answer, and when the answers come easy, we struggle with the execution. Either way, it is a difficult journey.

tarot for recovery

That is where the tarot cards come in. The images on the tarot cards show us universal situations in which people, like us, experience situations of struggle, fear, or happiness. The images on the cards result in feelings. Thoughts and opinions come up but are hard to explain. The feelings say it all. A picture is worth a thousand words. Since the cards contain universal images, you will recognize the meaning right away and even interpret them yourself. I mean, you know you, so you also know your solution. I only help you with freeing the clarity in you.

Before I pull cards, for myself or for you, I shuffled them. In tarot, we have made the presumption that the cards you draw are the special ones that need to be seen because they have a message for you at this moment. This seems a coincidence, but the truth is that we do not know if it is a coincidence or that we have been influencing it all along.

When you decide to work with me, it is a very conscious decision. You read my website and then determine, based on how you feel about me, that I am the right person to help you get clarity in your recovery journey. Those feelings are what drive you in your decision. By ordering a reading, you open yourself to new answers. Whether the answers come from me or your own (forgotten) inner wisdom is not essential. It is the fact that you recognize them as necessary at this point in time.

Over the years of having done thousands of readings for people of all sorts. We talk about a specific question or situation you come across in your journey or we can talk about your journey in general. I have noticed it is best when you come prepared with a specific question.

Based on the images that come up, we talk about your situation and interpret the cards together. I explain the cards and we talk about how the situation mirrors your life and what you can learn from it. I can use a general line spread or use a specific recovery spread that I design based on your question. In my interpretation, I use my personal experience, but sometimes I also channel wisdom from the guides and spirits around us as I am a mental and spiritual intuitive. This means I just know things and know how to explain it to you.

When I look back over all those years of reading cards (I started in 1998), I find it interesting to see that I only thought of using tarot for recovery a couple of years ago. Up to then, I used them for general readings in my personal life, and I also struggled with my eating habits. The moment I integrated the cards in my recovery, I surrendered to my new lifestyle. I asked the hard questions and answered them compassionately and lovingly. I am very grateful for that.

That is why I want to share it with you. Order a one-time reading or decide to work with me for a longer time.

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