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Reading tarot cards is a wonderful tool to give a voice to your subconscious. It’s often challenging to listen to it amid the noise around us, social media, and all the people with their opinions (not to mention your own beliefs).

That external voice often drowns out your inner voice, which tends to express itself in feelings or desires. The external voice seems capable of forming complete sentences, even convincing and sometimes speaking outright ugliness to you.

With one tarot card per day, you make space for that silent voice, the voice of your soul.

On this website, you’ll find the meanings of your tarot cards, and I explain how to do a tarot reading for yourself.

The structure of your tarot deck

Every tarot deck has a standard structure. First and foremost, we divide the tarot cards into two groups:

1. The cards of the Major Arcana
2. The cards of the Minor Arcana

The cards of the Major Arcana are not specifically grouped, but there is a famous story related to these cards: the Fool’s Journey. It’s a long story, but I’ve made a beautiful course about it: A Magical Journey Through the Major Arcana.

The Minor Arcana is divided into four groups:

1. The Wands cards
2. The Cups cards
3. The Swords cards
4. The Pentacles cards

Within each of these groups, there are also four court cards:

– The cards with a Page
– The cards with a Knight
– The cards with a Queen
– The cards with a King

Why you should do a tarot reading every day

Firstly, because it’s just a lot of fun to engage with the cards: the meditative shuffling, coming up with a good question, studying at the card, the colors, the symbols, finding meaning in those symbols that resonates with you, and so on. There are so many aspects to the cards!

And I haven’t even mentioned how you interpret it in a way that can help you. Because a reading is relatively useless if it doesn’t move from “oh, nice to know” to “I’m taking action on this.”

How to choose the right tarot deck

Choosing a tarot deck is very personal. What I find a beautiful tarot deck might appear entirely different to you. For me, clear, fresh colors are essential, and I like it when a card contains various symbols. You’ll find decks that I find beautiful scattered on this website. You’ll also find links to sales sites, making it easy for you to purchase a specific deck.

Perhaps you prefer a more neutral card or a deck with a unique theme. If the theme resonates with you, then it’s a deck for you. If it doesn’t, then it’s not meant for you.

How to read tarot cards?

Drawing a tarot card is not difficult. It starts with taking a moment to think about the question you have.

Of course, you can draw a card and see what comes up, but based on the hundreds of readings I’ve done, readings that get the context of a question have much more substance and much more connection to your subconscious.

Ask a specific question. That’s why I always say, ‘If you want a general answer, you should do a general tarot reading. If you want a specific answer, ask a specific question.’

Ask your question beforehand and take time to connect more with the question while shuffling the cards. Do this by bringing your attention to your question and repeating it internally a few times while letting your hands do their thing.

When you feel you’ve shuffled long enough, place the stack of cards in front of you on the table. With your left hand (connected to your right hemisphere – your unconscious side), take a small part of the stack and place it to the left of the pile. Then take another part of the original stack and also place it to the left.

Finally, pick up the last part of the original stack and place it on the middle stack, then place the whole thing on the leftmost stack.

Draw your tarot card from the top. Interpret your card using the instructions on this website or directly look up the meaning.

All this and more is in my book Tarot Guide for Beginners. Buy it now to start a fulfilling journey with tarot cards.


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