The Queens in the Tarot: Depth and Leadership

In the tarot, the queens form a fascinating and enriching aspect. They are not just representatives of powerful feminine energy but also carry a spiritual depth that enriches the understanding of the tarot game.

The Queens in your tarot deck

  • Queen of Wands
  • Queen of Cups
  • Queen of Swords
  • Queen of Pentacles

Each of these queens possesses unique qualities and symbolism that provide deeper insight into human existence.

Meaning of the Queen

Both the King and the Queen embody decisiveness and leadership, each in their own distinctive way. The Queen approaches these aspects with a subtle finesse that sets her apart from her male counterpart. Her essence encompasses the feminine elements of creativity, intuition, emotional depth, and the divine feminine energy essential in balancing the tarot game. Her presence emits a powerful signal of inner wisdom and emotional maturity.

Regarding decisiveness and leadership, she plays her role much more subtly than her spouse, the King. If she wants a new topic discussed, she will mention it first, then let the word come up several times before addressing it. The King, on the other hand, takes a more direct approach: he puts it on the table and says what he wants to happen.

Gender and Age

Cloaked in their regal attire, the Queens transcend gender and age, symbolizing the universal aspects of feminine energy. Their archetypal qualities of nurturing, intuition, and wisdom are not confined by societal norms or the passage of time. In the tarot, the Queens embody enduring feminine power, accessible to all, regardless of gender or age.

The depth of the Queens reveals itself in their spiritual value, intertwined with the deeper layers of human consciousness. They invite you to consider intuition not as a separate aspect of yourself but as an inherent part. This is crucial because your intuition is a bridge to higher consciousness. It is an invitation to connect more deeply with the source of inner wisdom, leading to an enriched spiritual journey.

This way, you connect deeper with the higher self as your intuition bridges that part of you. You connect with yourself deeper by opening yourself to that wellspring of wisdom.

Personality Types and Myers-Briggs Indicators:

  • Queen of Wands (ENFJ): Charismatic and visionary, symbolizing inspiring leadership and enthusiasm.
  • Queen of Cups (INFJ): Empathetic and insightful, resonating with Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging traits, embodying emotional intelligence and caring.
  • Queen of Swords (ENTJ): Decisive and strategic, reflecting Extraverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Judging traits, symbolizing clear communication and intellectual understanding.
  • Queen of Pentacles (ISFJ): Practical and nurturing, aligning with Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, and Judging traits, symbolizing a grounded and resourceful approach to prosperity.

Numerology of the Queens

If you use card counting in your reading to determine the numerological value of the drawn cards, you can count the Queen as 13. This connects you not only with Death (13) but also with the transformative energy that flows through the tarot combined with the masculine energy of the Emperor. This makes women strong leaders indeed.

It is time for women to truly embrace their leadership, and this can be achieved by studying and embodying the queens in your deck.


Each Queen is ruled by the water element, giving them a deep receptive character. These cards enable them to empathize with others. However, how they do this differs, influenced by the specific element under which they fall.

For example, the Queen of Swords will speak to you more directly than the Queen of Cups. She fulfills her role by clarifying your feelings and making decisions. She excels in resolving disputes and conflicts. The Queen of Cups focuses much more on emotions and will address your feelings. The Queen of Pentacles deals with work and financial matters, and her frame of reference is shaped more by domestic or business aspects. Finally, the Queen of Wands focuses on your inspiration and connection to the higher self.

Because these ladies are so connected to their emotions, you need to keep an eye on them (on the lower side). If their plans cannot proceed, they can resort to manipulation. They can all adopt the victim role very well, but again, they will portray it in very different ways. On the positive side, they are incredibly caring women who will surround you with attention and love when needed. They can significantly assist you in achieving your goals.

Strong women

These are strong women. Especially when you’re not feeling your best, it can help to use one of the queens as an energy card. Find it challenging to express your opinion? Choose the Queen of Swords. Struggling to be loving towards others? Choose the Queen of Cups. Choose the Queen of Pentacles if you have difficulty balancing your work and domestic life and the Queen of Wands if you want to be inspired by your higher self. Connect with these women’s energy and become a leader in your field.

The queens in our tarot readings invite us to embody their regal qualities, drawing from the feminine strength and wisdom that transcends time and circumstances. Every soul has the potential for this sovereign grace and can embrace this quality to turn it into wisdom and compassion.

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