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The Magician (1)

We see the Magician connecting heaven and earth on the Magician tarot card. In his right hand, he holds his wand, and with his hand, he points toward the earth. He draws inspiration from both to create what he desires: as above, so below.


The Magician says: “My life is exactly what I make of it.”



  • Willpower
  • Self-confidence
  • determination
  • Come up with solutions to a problem
  • Amendment
  • Being focused
  • Law of attraction
  • Change
  • efficiency
  • Esoteric knowledge
  • Using your talents


  • Delay of plans
  • Overanalyzing a plan
  • Not having a good plan
  • Indecisiveness
  • Fear of making a decision
  • Don’t use your skills
  • Abuse your talents
  • Cheating others
  • Unreliability
  • Mental confusion

The Magician in Your Reading

The Magician connects heaven and earth. He holds a staff that points upwards in his right hand while pointing his finger down. In this way, he tells you where he gets his inspiration to create on earth: so above, so below.


Like The Fool, the Magician is still innocent and without experience, but he firmly stands on the ground in the middle of his earthly reality. When you draw this card, please use your talents for your highest achievable goals. If you’re talking about probability versus possibility, then anything is possible, and the probability depends on your stakes.

Here and now

And that’s where you stand. This is it. Here. This is your reality. Do you like it or do you want something else? If you like where you are now, continue with the next step. If you’d rather be somewhere else, now is the time to decide where to go. Visualize what you want to become or where you want to be. You can be like a Magician. You can be anything you like. Your possibilities are endless.

Where do you want to go?

See where you want to be, but don’t put yourself down because you’re not there yet. You’re just at the beginning. Everything that went before this situation contributes to where you are now. Even if you’re not where you want to be yet—be content with what you’ve achieved. You must focus on positive feelings around this.

Don’t be afraid, choose what feels good

If you’re afraid of ever getting it done, try to start with your talents. It’s not that your fears will manifest the opposite, but it can affect your behavior. You don’t do what it takes to get there, and that’s a shame.

Be patient with yourself because this wisdom is also part of your Magician tarot card. He understands Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Only you know what you need to create what you want. You have the staff for the inspiration, the cup for the feelings in achieving your goal, the sword for making a plan, and the Pentacle for manifesting. So you have everything you need.

Choose YES

Think YES instead of NO. Know that you have the potential power to create what you want. A positive mindset can help you a lot with that. Therefore, focus on what you want to say YES to on the way to your goal. So what if it goes slower? As long as you get there, right?


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