Embarking on a Journey through Numerology in the Tarot

Numerology has become a fascinating tool to unlock the hidden meanings of tarot cards. Embracing simplicity, assign values from 1 to 10 to reveal profound insights. While traditional numerology excludes 10, its significance in tarot enriches interpretations when combined with card colors.

In the tapestry of self-discovery, numerology intertwines seamlessly with tarot. Memorizing one row and understanding each suit proves far simpler than recalling all 78 cards. Let’s dive into the logical order of numerology:

Embarking on the Soul’s Odyssey through Numerology:

  • Numerology 1: The soul experiences a fresh awakening teeming with latent potential. It’s the commencement of an eternal journey.
  • Numerology 2: Navigating the intricate dance of duality, the soul learns to harmonize opposing forces. Here, in unity, profound lessons of interconnectedness unfold.
  • Numerology 3: The soul yearns for expansion through creative expression. It seeks growth by infusing the world with its unique essence, painting the canvas of existence.
  • Numerology 4: Erecting foundations within the soul, structures materialize for stability and manifestation. The soul lays the groundwork for its earthly sojourn.
  • Numerology 5: Amidst the soul’s evolution, disruptive forces of change reshape established structures, inducing a temporary state of instability. Transformation beckons.
  • Numerology 6: Engaging in the soul’s symphony, harmony is rediscovered through soulful communication and cooperative endeavors. A melodious reunion with the self and others transpires.
  • Numerology 7: The soul embarks on a reflective sojourn, extracting profound wisdom from the intricacies of its cosmic tapestry. It pauses, absorbing the knowledge gleaned from its preceding chapters.
  • Numerology 8: Lessons etched into the soul’s fabric provide mastery. Ready for action, the soul stands fortified, prepared to navigate the unfolding narrative of its existence.
  • Numerology 9: Basking in the glow of accomplishment, the soul reaps the rewards of past endeavors. It stands at a juncture of pride, reflecting on the milestones of its unique journey.
  • Numerology 10: Culminating in a transformative crescendo, the soul concludes a significant cycle. Embracing renewal, it stands poised at the threshold of a new chapter, laden with lessons and possibilities.

Applying numerology to Major Arcana cards enhances their depth. By adding the digits of numbered cards, you unlock underlying energies. For instance, The Star (17) reduces to 8, emphasizing lessons learned from the intense Tower experience.

Incorporate numerology effortlessly into your tarot readings, extracting richer meanings and unveiling deeper layers of understanding.

Court cards and numerology

Officially, the court cards have no number. Yet you can look at them from a numerological point of view in two ways:

  • Page (11/2): As a fledgling soul, the Page symbolizes the initiation of learning and questioning. Embracing the impetuosity of youth, the soul seeks wisdom to align its energetic exuberance.
  • Knight (12/3): An explorer on the soul’s journey, the Knight embodies the essence of experience. Eager to immerse itself in diverse realms, the soul navigates the landscape of existence, driven by an insatiable curiosity.
  • Queen (13/4): Providing stability to prevent chaos, the Queen mirrors the soul’s quest for equilibrium. With a nurturing spirit, the soul seeks to establish harmony, recognizing the value of structure in its unfolding narrative.
  • King (14/5): The regal King represents a soul attuned to the wisdom of timing. While conservative in approach, the soul understands that decisions made in alignment with divine timing lead to profound transformation. Ready to rule its kingdom, the soul steps into its sovereign power.

You can also consider the court cards as a phase based on their age and experience. This allows you to link them as follows:

  • The Page is connected to the numbers 1 to 3;
  • The Knight is connected to the numbers 4 and 5;
  • The Queen is connected to the numbers 6 and 7;
  • The King is connected to the numbers 8 to 10.

Which value you choose and cooperate with must come from the reading, the question, and the situation.


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