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The beginning of creation: Numerology 1 in tarot (Beginning, Intention, and Cycles)

When we explore the meaning of numerology 1 in relation to tarot, we step into the domain of aces. This number symbolizes beginnings in various aspects: an idea, an action, a new job, a new love, a new business, or renewed motivation. It carries raw energy and power but is still without form. It marks the point of conception, the soul’s decision for reincarnation, the exploration of life lessons, and the embodiment into the physical form. In essence, it is nothing, and at the same time, it is everything.

The Journey of the soul to the next incarnation

Deep within the realm of numerology 1 lies the soul’s decision to incarnate. Beyond the physical world, just before the moment of birth, the soul makes a conscious choice to embark on the journey of life on Earth. This is the moment of pure intention, where the soul sets its desires and goals for the upcoming life cycle. It is the invisible yet powerful connection to the energy of the universe, where the soul broadcasts its intention to shape a unique and instructive life.

What precedes it?

Even before the soul incarnates, it traverses spiritual dimensions, gaining insight into the lessons and experiences it will encounter on Earth. This period of contemplation is infused with the choice of life lessons, karmic connections, and determining the overall direction of life. It is a time of pure energy and intention, where the soul plants its path and aligns its intention with the cycles of growth, challenges, and ultimate fulfillment.

The magic of the Aces

The aces embody this energy in its purest form, linked to the element they represent. They signify the beginning, where nothing tangible yet exists, but manifestation has begun. An ace symbolizes a new cycle, hope, and expectation. However, due to their overwhelming energy, they can lean towards exaggeration, demanding boundaries, especially when multiple aces appear in a spread.

All this energy becomes more refined over the journey, so here it is acceptable. Your dreams can be limitless, your intentions unfounded because you do not yet know what you are capable of. At this moment, you have an infinite number of possibilities to fulfill your dreams. Don’t try to be too serious, too adult. It’s not necessary.

Aces stand for the transition between seasons.

The completion of the tens

Essentially, we see (or should see) this energy return to completion at 10, because 1 + 0 is 1 again. Therefore, after conversion, the tens are once again connected to this delightful raw energy. As the culmination of a process, the tens are ready for a new round. Because energy never stands alone—always its own energy and simultaneously that of the past and the future—the ten cyclically returns to the ace.

Reversed cards: The mirror-side of the 1

A reversed 1 reflects a disturbance of its original energy. It may indicate a lack of focus, a loss of intention, or being stuck in old ideas about how a process ‘should’ be. You find yourself in an initial phase without progress being possible. Here, you essentially need to step on the gas while keeping the clutch engaged. Let that engine roar because you are ready to start.

The Ace reminds you to return to the core, to reconnect with the pure intention that forms the basis of manifestation. So, if you draw a reversed Ace, you need to go back to basics.

The 1 in tarot invites a profound exploration of beginnings, intentions, the constant cycles of creation, and the decisive journey of the soul to incarnation. It reminds you that even in apparent nothingness, the seed of everything is present.

Your Akashic Record

Within you, there is a blueprint of your soul, that precisely describes who you are at the soul level. It is the roadmap that tells you the direction you desire to go. If you want to discover more about your soul realignment blueprint, explore my 1-on-1 coaching where I, with the help of your akashic record, explain what your unique direction is.


  • Ace of Wands
  • Ace of Cups
  • Ace of Swords
  • Ace of Pentacles
  • The Magician (1)
  • Wheel of Fortune (10)
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