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Numerology 10: Completion and a New Beginning

In numerology, the number 10 is typically not used independently. The digits 1 and 0 are added together, resulting in a sum that brings us back to 1. However, in the realm of tarot, cards with the number 10 have distinct meanings. Therefore, in the context of tarot, numerology 10 has its dedicated page, delving into the completion of your journey to embark on a new one immediately.

Numerology and tarot share a profound connection; the number 10 is fascinating in both realms. While numerologically, 10 is often reduced to 1 (1 + 0), within the tarot, it unfolds a narrative of completion and fresh beginnings.

What are you finishing?

In tarot, the 10 signifies a moment of reflection on the finished journey. It’s not always straightforward, as not every 10-card depicts ‘joyful’ individuals who are content with the outcomes of their expedition. Nevertheless, it is crucial to pause at this juncture, look back over your shoulder, and give yourself a pat. Whether you’re pleased with the results or not, the 10 marks the end of a cycle, akin to reaching the top of a mountain. But as with all mountains, they never end because what went up needs to come down.

Therefore, the Ten of Wands and Ten of Swords portray individuals clearly grappling with their situations, while the Ten of Cups and Ten of Pentacles showcase content and successful individuals. It illustrates that within the 10, two perspectives can emerge. You can rejoice in the completion, hoping the next journey will be (even) better, or you might experience sorrow that something has ended.

It all depends on the position you take.

The Wheel of Fortune, the Magician, and the Sun

With numerology 10, we can associate three Major Arcana cards. Let’s explore each of them individually to understand their relevance to a journey’s (impending) conclusion.

The Wheel of Fortune (10)

The Wheel of Fortune symbolizes the cyclical nature of life. You experience peaks and valleys throughout life as part of your continuous evolution. After reaching each 10, a new cycle begins, and the Wheel reminds you that development and growth are constant companions, even in stages you thought were complete.

The Magician (1)

By adding 1 and 0 together, as in numerology, you arrive at The Magician, associated with the number 1. This card revolves around leadership and embodying your skills and ideas from which all manifestation processes materialize. It is a card full of potential, as you can deduce at the end of your numerological journey. You have learned a lot, and you carry all that knowledge into the next segment of your journey.

When reflecting on the initial completion, the 10 acknowledges the effort and the acquired skills. It’s as if the Magician guided you through the process, and now, armed with this knowledge, you stand ready for new adventures. Taking along a wealth of newly acquired skills from the earlier journey enhances your potential significantly.

The Sun (19)

The Sun aligns with numerology 10 because, by adding 1 and 9, you find a 10 as well. This turns the Sun into a card that celebrates the journey’s end, takes pride in what has been learned, and looks forward confidently to the future, eager to embark on a new beginning.

I often experience this feeling at the end of a month or quarter. As a ‘planner girl,’ I look forward to my reflection mode (which comes after the Sun in the Judgement card), which always yields insightful perspectives. I genuinely look forward to it at the end of such a period because, as an Aries, I love the thrill of starting ‘afresh.’


The 10 calls for self-reflection and acknowledgment. It is a moment where you recognize yourself for the effort, regardless of the outcome. Even if you haven’t achieved your goals, you should acknowledge yourself for your effort.

You have undergone a whole process, which deserves at least a round of applause for yourself 👏🏼. It’s an opportunity to appreciate yourself and understand that every experience, positive or negative, carries a lesson within.

Don’t be too critical, and don’t think the inner critic will propel you further next time. You genuinely benefit from supportive reflection and acknowledgment that it was challenging to tie all the loose ends together to reach great heights. Accept that life doesn’t always bring what you hoped for (or expected from yourself).

Without moments of disappointment, you would appreciate the highlights less. We live in a world of duality, after all.

Manifestation Process and Your Dreams

If we juxtapose the 10 against the manifestation process, you can expect, at the very least, signals that your manifestation will succeed or that you should open your arms to receive what you’ve been longing for. It all began with the idea that ‘if you can dream it, you can do it,’ and with the 10, that dream has become a reality. Whether the result meets your dreams is for you to determine, but if not, you may need to adjust your process to align the outcome with what you wish to receive.

The 10 as an Invitation

As you reach the end of your journey, remember that this is not the definitive conclusion. It marks the beginning of a new cycle. So, it’s time to dream again and ensure those dreams can take root. The universe never stands still, so keep moving along.


  • Ten of Wands
  • Ten of Cups
  • Ten of Swords
  • Ten of Pentacles
  • The Wheel of Fortune (10)
  • The Magician (1)
  • The Sun (19)
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