tarotkaarten onder numerologie 3 keizering, gehangene, etc.

Numerology 3 and the Magic of Collaboration

Numerology 3 is a magical number that signifies the completion of the initial phase and heralds the beginning of a new stage. In the realm of tarot, this number is associated with cards symbolizing progress, creativity, and dynamism, serving as a bridge between what has already developed and its continuation.

The ‘integration’ of forces predominantly occurs in this phase, where 2 and 1 meld into harmony. The ‘expansive phase,’ subsequent phase, ‘ is a natural extension of the insights and developments acquired in the preceding stage.

Integration involves finding common ground between seemingly disparate aspects. Comparable to the trinity in the Bible – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit – or in paganism with the Maiden, the Mother, and the Wise Woman. It illustrates that diverse forces collaborate to create something great or more fantastic, a lesson applicable to our daily lives. What small action can you take to amplify this?

Associated Tarot Cards

In tarot, profound connections with numerology three are found in cards such as the Empress (3), the Hanged Man (12), and the World (21). These cards weave an enchanting tale of creative evolution and inner transformation, anchored in the magical realm of numerology 3.

The Empress, embodying fertility and creative energy, is closely related to numerology 3. She symbolizes the result of the collaboration between the initial forces of 1 and 2, giving rise to a fertile phase of the soul. Ideas flourish, and creativity unfolds as a reflection of the fertile ground created by the convergence of opposites.

The Hanged Man adds a deeper dimension to this narrative. As a card of surrendering control and embracing a new perspective, the Hanged Man marks a transitional phase. In numerology 3, the soul pauses to absorb the acquired insights, a necessary step before the journey of creative evolution continues.

As the pinnacle of this symbolic story, The World embodies the fulfillment of a cycle. With numerology 3, this card marks the achievement of complete integration and embracing the transformation that has arisen from the collaboration of forces.

Combined, the Empress, the Hanged Man, and the World reveal deep, versatile connections between numerology 3 and tarot, where the journey of creative development and inner transformation takes center stage.


On the flip side of numerology 3 unfolds a shadow aspect, reflecting that the youthful and sometimes naive view of the world can take its toll. The lack of profound experience can result in thoughtless choices, and the confrontation with harsh lessons becomes inevitable. It’s as if the soul, not yet steeped in the wisdom of years, innocently stumbles over the complexity of life.

The tendency to be unfocused and superficial casts its shadow over the path of numerology 3. Enthusiasm for new projects can quickly wane, leaving them incomplete. As a rich source of creativity and energy, numerology 3 must be aware of the pitfalls inherent in the tendency to jump quickly from one thing to another without the necessary depth.

The warning is clear; please stay tuned. Learn from every experience, even from unfinished projects and thoughtless choices. In these reflective moments, numerology 3 has the opportunity to grow, channeling youthful energy into a more thoughtful and profound creativity. As a powerful symbol, the tarot is a mirror revealing these deeper layers, offering the chance to approach one’s life lessons and relationships with greater insight. Numerology 3 provides the joy of creation and the opportunity for inner maturity through conscious reflection.


  • 3 of Wands
  • 3 of Cups
  • 3 of Swords
  • 3 of Pentacles
  • The Empress (3)
  • Hanged One (12)
  • The World (21)
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