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Numerology 4: Stability, Change, and Discipline

Numerology 4 is a mystical number deeply intertwined with tarot, particularly with cards like the Emperor and Death. These numbers resonate with elements and card colors: fire (wands), water (cups), air (swords), and earth (pentacles). Tarot even connects them to cardinal directions, as seen in the World card, representing the symbols of air, fire, water, and earth.

In the tarot realm, the number four reflects on various levels within the self: mind, intellect, emotion, and the physical body. These aspects influence cards with the number four, where safety and stability take center stage. The absence of any of these elements makes the whole structure precarious, leading to potential instability. Diligence, hard work, and discipline are intrinsically linked to the numerical energy of four.

An intriguing facet of numerology 4 is its connection to a spiritual phase. It calls for careful consideration of what is useful, laying the foundation for the rest of life. Practicality, realism, and efficiency characterize this phase.

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Numerology 4 weaves its magic in the tarot through the Emperor and Death. The Emperor embodies the stability and structure that the number represents, while Death symbolizes transformation. On the surface, they may seem opposing, but together, they form a potent combination of determination and change.

The Emperor, card number four in the Major Arcana, highlights this number’s solid foundation. His throne stands firm, a symbol of established order and leadership. This resonates with the numerological theme of stability and discipline, with the Emperor acting as a guardian of structured growth.

Death, card number 13, is on the other end of the spectrum. Although initially intimidating, Death does not symbolize physical demise but rather transformation and rebirth. Here, numerology 4 delves into the deeper layers of life, where change and letting go are necessary for growth.

The Emperor embodies stability, order, and control, while Death represents transformation, letting go, and renewal. These two cards represent different aspects of life, and their interplay in a tarot reading may indicate the need for both stability and change in one’s life journey.

Numerology 4, on its own, indeed symbolizes stability and structure. However, the symbolism of specific tarot cards reinforces the interpretation of duality. It emphasizes that moments of transformation and change are necessary for complete growth and development even in the pursuit of stability and order.


Harmony is a keyword when interpreting cards with the number four. They often bring harmony back into a reading and point to solutions for problems. Discipline plays a significant role, but it is crucial not to succumb to the negative aspects of the four, such as rigidity and limitation. Sometimes, it also indicates stuck situations that need to be set in motion again.

If your birth number is four, you are a determined, diligent, and persistent individual. Financial success is within reach, but there may be slightly less room for creativity. Green, associated with the number four, brings calming harmony and aids in taming runaway emotions. Numerology 4 is a key to understanding the tarot and the foundation of life itself.

Shadow Side of Numerology 4

The shadow side of numerology 4 casts a shadow on the emphasis on stability and structure. While these qualities are powerful, they can also lead to rigidity and limitation. In pursuing a solid foundation, there is a danger of becoming too inflexible and losing flexibility and spontaneity. An obsessive focus on order can result in a fear of change, causing missed opportunities for growth and evolution.

The number 4 can also bring a tendency towards perfectionism and excessive control. This pursuit of perfection can be paralyzing and lead to constant dissatisfaction, as the world is rarely perfect. It is essential to recognize that life is inherently full of change, and clinging to a strict structure can hinder the natural flow of life.

Another aspect of the shadow side of numerology 4 is the tendency to overwork. While diligence and dedication are admirable traits, a continuous focus on hard work can lead to burnout and neglect of other essential aspects of life, such as rest, relaxation, and personal relationships.

It is crucial for those resonating with numerology 4 to be aware of these potential pitfalls. Balance is the key, cultivating stability without losing flexibility and balancing hard work with self-care and well-being. Numerology 4 invites a holistic approach, recognizing and integrating both the constructive and challenging aspects of this numerical energy into life’s journey.


  • 4 of Wands
  • 4 of Cups
  • 4 of Swords
  • 4 of Pentacles
  • The Emperor (4)
  • Death (13)
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