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Numerology 8: Perseverance, Perfection, and Self-Actualization

Numerology 8 unveils a journey unfolding in two distinct phases. The completion of specific projects or situations marks each phase. In the first phase, foundations are laid, with hard work and dedication forming the building blocks for future success.

This phase serves as groundwork for the second phase, where you reap the fruits of your labor and reflect on the path taken. This retrospection is crucial as it establishes a solid foundation for your future steps. You consolidate experiences and lessons, creating a sturdy base to build upon.

Reflection is a recurring theme in my writings, emphasizing the conscious allocation of time for introspection. This can range from journaling successes and challenges to regularly evaluating goals and achievements. Ask yourself questions such as “What have I achieved since starting this project?” or “How has my growth contributed to my current situation?”

To Infinity

Figure 8, with its inherent form, signifies an ongoing journey. By turning it on its side, the infinity symbol is present on the Magician, Strength, and Two of Pentacles cards. It represents a potentially endless quest to discover your true self and the power within.

Repeatedly, you embark on new phases, making plans and reflecting upon them. You refine processes and let go of what no longer serves you each time. It shows that you begin anew with each phase, even when you believe you’re finished. You carry knowledge from old phases and apply it to new projects. In this process, you unearth talents you always possessed but weren’t consciously aware of. This revelation only occurs when you intentionally take the time to examine yourself, your behavior, thoughts, and results.

Readings with multiple Eights

Readings featuring numerous eights often revolve around hard work and dedication. The cards suggest that certain situations require significant effort to achieve your goals, imposing high standards on yourself. You genuinely need to exert yourself to attain what you desire.

Therefore, eights often align with a desire for transformation, demanding commitment. It’s not solely about work; it could also imply that, as the querent, you may undergo profound changes impacting your personal development. Reflection becomes necessary for this.

Do not be too harsh on yourself, for life inherently involves ups and downs. Although you undoubtedly possess talents (as we all do from our soul level), there are also aspects where you feel uncertain and still need to develop. Numerology 8 brings those aspects to the forefront.

Lectures with Multiple Eights illuminate a profound aspect of personal development, potent for intense growth, facing challenges, and taking responsibility for your desires.


In the realm of the number 8, perfectionism is a driving force behind your ambition and purpose. It’s a trait frequently observed in individuals strongly influenced by the number 8 in their numerological makeup. Their energetic commitment to achieving goals is intertwined with a quest for enlightenment, aspiring to be an inspiration to others.

However, pursuing perfection carries a pitfall—self-criticism and difficulty letting go of mistakes. The number 8 reminds us of our humanity, emphasizing that growth and success are often nonlinear processes. A healthy application of perfectionism, in line with numerology 8, involves recognizing efforts, celebrating progress, and understanding the value of each learning moment on the journey toward self-realization.

Color in 8

The number 8 is associated with the color pink, combining the dynamism of red with the enlightening influence of white. Individuals with an 8 in their makeup are often seen as exemplary figures, serving as motivating influences to others.

However, they must be cautious not to bury the emotional aspects of life. Their intense focus on achieving results might lead them to not fully comprehend or recognize their feelings, diverting attention from their ongoing pursuits.


  • Eight of Wands
  • Eight of Cups
  • Eight of Swords
  • Eight of Pentakels
  • Strength (8)
  • The Star (17)
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