Terms & Conditions

I take myself seriously as a reader. That is why I believe it’s essential to be transparent about the rules I use in my work. Because ethics plays a role in this, I have made this document to prevent disappointment because you expected to get something different than what I can give.


You are responsible for your own life and the decisions you make. I don’t make decisions for you, but I will help you to make them. Based on the session, you can change your life to create a better situation. Every decision you make (or do not make) changes your life’s direction and your future. Your future is not set in stone. You can steer your life in any direction that feels better for you at any time. These changes take courage, but you will find that it feels good to decide upon your future in freedom.

I don’t shy away from the truth if you need to know it without causing confusion. I know this may be confronting, but I promise to consider your feelings in how I share it.

During the sessions, I use my well-developed intuition. I don’t make predictions for the future because they all depend on your decisions right now. If I talk about the future at any point, I mean the future based on what I know now if you keep going on the path you’re currently on. Understand that once you decide, this changes your direction and, thus, your future.

How I work

When you order your session, please give me the information I need to give you a valuable reading. Please be concise and thorough in your answers, as I am not a mind reader. Doing some deep thinking about your intention or problem and writing it down as straightforwardly as possible helps you set an intention, and it helps me understand where you are now and the current challenge.

When you order an Akashic Records reading, I will do a tiny reading immediately to see if your soul is open to being read. Sporadically, people request a session, while their soul has different plans and does not concur with the session. I go with what the soul says and immediately let you know and refund your money or suggest another type of session if possible. In that case, you are free to recline the offer, and I will refund your payment.

These limitations do not exist for a tarot reading.

Health, Financial, and Legal Readings

I do not answer questions about your health, finances, or upcoming court cases. Therefore, I advise you to see a doctor, accountant, or lawyer. A session cannot replace psychotherapeutic help or assistance from other professional care providers. I can help you with your feelings about such a situation.


I don’t offer refunds unless in the case of an Akashic Record reading where your soul blocks the reading. If we have agreed upon multiple payments for sessions, and you are disappointed with the service, you are still required to pay the total due to your payment plan. It is essential to contact me if you are disappointed so I can help you clarify the session.

Cancellation / Rescheduling

If we have planned a personal online session, ensure you are on time for your appointment. My system does not provide reminders, so it is up to you to put the meeting on your calendar.

You can log into the session before time through the link I provided. This may take a few minutes if you’ve never worked with Zoom. Please keep this in mind. Being too late for a session results in a shorter session.

If the scheduled time does not work for you, you must cancel or reschedule at least 24 hours before the scheduled time. Please get in touch with me if there is an emergency and you are not able to cancel on time. You forfeit the appointment by not showing up at the scheduled time and will not receive a refund for missing the appointment. I will wait 10 minutes before I will close the video connection. I understand that emergencies happen, so contact me when this happens. I will decide on the situation.

Cancellations must be communicated at least 24 hours before the session. If the cancellation is received within 24 hours before the said time, a new session needs to be planned and paid for. For a meeting on a day following a Sunday or on one of the recognized public holidays, the 24 hours is deemed to commence at 6 pm on the last preceding typical working day. A gentle reminder that the Netherlands may have other public holidays than you are used to.


When you use a payment plan to work with me, please know that I will not simultaneously accept multiple payment plans from one client. Payment plans are there for people who need them due to their financial situation to get a session, but I do not feel good about creating financial difficulties with the risk of not being paid. I expect you to immediately pay all payments when you receive the notice from Stripe.


Everything you tell me is confidential. I do not correspond with third parties about your session. If you have any questions regarding this document, click on Contact to ask me your questions.

Date of the last update of this page: 9th of June, 2023