The Universal Law of Attraction in business

It's not all about the Universal Law of Attraction in your Business

With all the focus on the Universal Law of Attraction in business, we often forget that there are several other universal laws that affect the success of your business. The Universal Law of Attraction is only one of twelve universal laws that help you create your reality. Understanding them is essential because some have an even more significant impact when you are not aware of how they work.

It is essential to understand that it is not just one law that is at work for your greater good; it is the total of them all that creates your desire (or not). Let’s take a look at them to see how you can use them in your business.

1.    Universal Law of Divine Oneness

When it comes to Universal Laws in business, this one is the CEO of them all. The universal Law of Divine Oneness tells you that everything is connected – every little cell of you is part of this vast Universe. Because of that, you can’t see yourself as separate from anything else.

Depending on the words you use for this, it also makes you part of the Universe and God. Coming from this point of view, creating reality is a mere matter of focus. Whatever you focus on will become a reality as long as you keep your focus for long enough. That manifesting often doesn’t work for many people has to do with how long they can focus on their desire.

In your business, you need to build trust that what you desire and think about often is only a couple of aligned actions away. Working on raising your vibration is essential in this because when you secretly think from the back of your mind that “this thing is never going to work,” then no, you’re right.

2.   Law of Vibration

The Law of Vibration tells us that everything is in motion at all times. It vibrates at a specific frequency that we can influence. Some things have their frequency, but you, as a business owner, can have your frequencies all over the place. When you’ve had a really cool client conversation, your frequency can be high. But for other entrepreneurs, their frequency can be low or even stagnant because they feel they are stuck at a certain level of seeming to find it hard to break through individual business blocks.

Nothing is ever stuck or blocked. It’s in your thinking that you think it is so. It’s in the words you use. And still, it is not blocked. The frequency may have turned down a notch because you think it into the ground, but it’s still moving. Even a rock has a (low) frequency. That’s why it isn’t changing all that quickly – at least not while we’re looking at it.

What helps is to firmly decide that you’re going to make your business work. To do so, you need to know that your business is aligned. In all other cases, you need to make changes first before you can decide. Aligning my business first and then making a firm decision has changed my life.

3.   Law of Correspondence

The Universal Law of Correspondence teaches us that we are made of patterns that we repeat over and over. When you repeat something all the time, we can blindly do them and become unconscious of them. The thing is, though, that our lives are a reflection of these patterns.

If you don’t like your reality, you need to find out the (often unconscious) patterns from recent life experiences and past life experiences.

This is easier than you think. Start with observing your thoughts and feelings when you focus on specific outcomes in your life. Ask yourself what beliefs, thoughts, stories, or behavior are there.

Once you find out what is going on under that surface, you need to take responsibility for it. You can’t delegate that responsibility; it is yours, and start correcting the thoughts you pick up on. You may miss most of them in the beginning, but that’s okay. You do what you can.

My favorite thought of “this is never going to work” had to be changed into “how can I do this in another way” or “how can I ask for help to make it work?”

What also made a world of difference was to start being grateful for situations that didn’t work. Sending love to hopeless situations built them into situations with a higher frequency, which made it easier to get them moving. Connected to that, I also worked with my Super Successful Me, who already had everything I wanted. Through this connection, I asked for guidance and direction to solve specific problems, and often those ‘new ideas’ would come within twenty-four hours.

These days, my life reflects a whole new reality than it was before, just because I raised my vibration.

4. Law of Attraction

And here we finally have the law that everybody always talks about, but it is only one of several important laws to understand. The Universal Law of Attraction shows you the result of your past decisions.

Business blocks can result from decisions you’ve made to not rise above your sister’s revenue or shy away from social media as I have in the past because you’re scared. Still, I’m not too fond of it a lot, but I’ve taken responsibility for its effect, and I’m using it more like a blogging tool these days – to talk about the things that go through my mind when I think about my business. This means that I’m not super structured, but that’s okay, and it is helping me become more visible.

This law comes down to that it mirrors the decisions you’ve made back to you. This means that if things are not working, there may be something that needs to be addressed. For instance, years ago, I tried to sell vitamin sprays. Nifty little spray bottles that you administered on the inside of your cheek. They only had one problem, and that was that I believed they were overpriced and too expensive. Way too expensive. I could only use them myself because I could buy them at the purchase price.

I tried to sell them to everybody who asked me, “How are you?” But I only sold five of them. Three to my mom and two to my dad. But that wasn’t the effect of excellent selling skills. It was the law of love that worked there.

5.   Law of Inspired Action

The law of Inspired Action is, as it says, about taking action. But you can do it because you think it is a good thing to do or that you believe and feel it is the best thing for you to do.

From the movie The Secret, many people understood that it is all about thinking the right things, and they will appear in front of you like magic. In truth, thinking the right thoughts is about raising your vibration, but in the end, you need to step forward and say: “Yes, I want this,” and take the next logical step forward to manifest their desire.

And then you do it. Preferably with an open heart and joy because taking action while hating what you have to do will not help you get what you want. Sorry. You need to love what you’re doing.

That is why your business needs to be aligned with who you are. Too many people (like myself) are doing things in their business that they don’t like, work with people that are not a match, and hate being on social media four hours a day. All this lowers their vibration and results in not getting the results they are looking for.

It's not all about the universal law of attraction in your business

6.   Law of Perpetual Transmutation

When you think that you’re stuck, it is time to understand this law. That energy thing? It just never stops. It is perpetual. So being stuck is a non-issue. You can’t get stuck. You can go slower, yes, but you never stop moving. It also tells you that you have to power to move it up in vibration. It all depends on you.

The above means that you have a responsibility, but most of all, you have the power to change things. This is especially welcome when you feel stuck. Your thoughts in this are so powerful that it is not funny anymore.

Remember how I didn’t want that former business anymore? In reality, I wasn’t ready to admit that I had lost fun over it. I was doing too many things that I didn’t like. Because of this, when I finally saw what I was doing to myself, the decision could be made relatively quickly. Within six weeks, I terminated my business and got a new job as well. It is funny how things speed up once you’ve taken out the rock that is blocking the river of abundance. It was the universal law to the max.

Everything moves and move quicker by the responsibility you take for it and the energy you are willing to put into it. All you need is to see the light.

But you know, you don’t have to do an overhaul like this. It can be simple to change things by taking small actions like doing a ten-minute meditation every morning or taking a walk every day. It doesn’t need to be big, like quitting everything. Every time I feel stuck, I often have stopped doing the things that make me feel good.

7.    Law of Cause and Effect

You’ve been reading about this universal law all through this blog already: what you do affects the future. It can affect right away or affect later on, but your whole reality is based on cause and effect.

Taking action affects your reality – not taking action as well. I’m always surprised by how long it can take for some people to work with you finally. Sometimes they follow you for years before they are ready to make the decision. On the other side, when you hit the right note with some people, they instantly reach out to you and plan a call. While this has to do with the business owner’s marketing strategy partly, it also needs to be the right time and the right chemistry to match. But what I do know is that there is a client for every offer.

I also know that what you put in is what you get out of it. If you put in half-assed energy, you get out half-assed energy. When you put in serious, focused energy, you cause a whole different effect.

8.   Law of Compensation

The Universal Law of Compensation results from the Law of Cause and Effect. In the Universal Law of Cause and Effect, we saw that what you put in is what you get out of it. The Law of Compensation says that when you do good, you will receive good.

While this isn’t all about getting even, it shows us that you need to open yourself for compensation in other ways. So, it doesn’t mean that if you work your ass off, you will get compensated with loads of clients. It can also mean that people see how hard you work for it and reward it by being very kind to you. By far, this is not the financial compensation law.

This law is more like “Good things happen to good people.” It means that compensation can happen without you even noticing it because you never put two and two together. It may mean that you do something on one side and get rewarded with a business idea that may bring thousands of dollars.

9.   Law of Relativity

With this law, you start to understand that there is no good or bad, big or small, high or low. Everything, including you, IS.

This law is a bit complicated for us to understand because we love thinking things into boxes in our human experience. To be able to understand our reality, we must see that there are no contradictions.

What is, is what it is. It is our choice, our decision to label as good or bad emotionally. We can also choose to feel what it is. It feels right, or it doesn’t, but that doesn’t change anything about its state.

You can throw yourself on the supermarket floor yelling that things are not as you want them, but in the end, the situation is still the same. It still sucks. Instead, it helps to say: “It is what it is,” and then ask yourself: “What do I really want?” It is that question that takes you out of your stuckness and toward a better situation.

It's not all about the Universal Law of Attraction in your Business

10. Law of Polarity

I always say that what goes down must go up again some time. This law explains that if everything is in constant movement and if things have an effect, then for all up things is a down-thing, and for all down things, there are up-things. You can look at the sky, seeing the clouds above you, but at the same time, you are under the clouds. There is always another side to the story.

We can only experience dark times because we’ve also known good times, and vice versa. So if you have a problematic experience, train yourself to trust that everything always comes out right for you. It must. It can’t not be like that. Otherwise, the difficulty couldn’t exist. It is logic in its purest form.

11. Law of Rhythm

Nothing stays the same. We all go through phases, and we all come out differently on the other side. Those phases are everywhere: in the twenty-four-hour day, the weekdays, the moon phases, the months, the years. It all comes back to us, but every time in a slightly different way.

This helps you to understand when things are not going the way you’d like, that this too shall pass and that soon you’ll look back and be grateful for it to have passed on.  It helps you to not bite down on the bad stuff but trust that it will pass.

For about 18 months or so, I’ve been keeping a five-year journal. (see the whole series here). In this journal, you write a couple of lines about your day every day. The next year, you see what occupied your mind a year ago, and often I think: “Ah, thank God, that is behind me,” or even see how that old issue is no longer an issue because the problem is solved or you’ve let go of it positively.

12.   Law of Gender

The last Universal law of Gender teaches you that there needs to be a balance between the masculine and feminine in everything you want to manifest in your business. Nothing can exist without using feminine energy like intuition, love, nurture, and creation in combination with masculine energy like taking action, controlling, experiencing conflict, and anger.

It is essential to keep the two in balance and not let one overpower the other. You can’t be all floaty-floaty about what you desire and then be upset because you didn’t take any action. On the other side, you can continuously fight for your business and try to keep it alive while you also need to go inside and ask yourself: What do I want instead? The answer to that question is only waiting for you to ask it.

But there is another aspect to this universal law: it takes time to manifest stuff into our reality. This is to help you create the right mindset around it. I mean, what would happen if you’d start your business and turn it into a raving success overnight. While this might sound fun if you’re still struggling to make it to a handful of clients, but I bet you wouldn’t like it much if you’d think about it a bit better. It’s always better to grow into success steadily so you won’t become overwhelmed by it.


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