Useful questions for a tarot or oracle recovery reading

useful questions

As you may have found out about me, I love using tarot cards or oracle cards to learn more about myself and my eating habits with the help of tarot cards or oracle cards. It depends on my mood on which tool I use.

I often get the question of what the difference is between a tarot card reading and an oracle reading. Basically, they are both card decks, but a tarot deck is much more structured and has more rules. With an oracle deck, there are no rules. You draw a card, interpret it, and that’s it. With a tarot deck, you can do so much more: you can look at the element of the card, the number (you can often do that with an oracle card as well), and as there are often people on tarot cards you can see how they related to each other. In my opinion, the tarot has more depth, but then who wants depth if you want a quick answer or a journal prompt?

useful questions

Forming a good question

But all readings need a useful question. With over the decades of doing readings, I’ve learned that a yes or no question never gives the real end all and be all of the answers. I always had another question after doing a yes or no question. I can safely say that it is not a useful question. At least not for me. I need the right answer that gets me to a deeper level of understanding. These questions often start with:

  • How
  • What
  • Where

On the other side, you don’t want to ask any questions of which you already know the answer. These are also not useful questions. The cards don’t have to prove themselves over and over, or to have you say to yourself: “I knew that answer already.”

Do’s and don’ts

What you do want to ask are questions that you struggle with, that you don’t know how to answer. Don’t ask questions about other people. Especially when your relationship with them is a rocky one, you’ll probably not get an objective answer, since you are the one who interprets the cards. If you think someone else is the asshole in the relationship, you don’t want to hear (or will pick up on the fact that you may be the asshole – it takes two to tango)—focus on yourself in a reading, and no one else. Decide on useful questions that help you grow.

Useful questions for recovery card readings

To help you, I’ve made a list of useful questions that you can use when drawing a card a day to help you along in your recovery journey.

  1. What do I most need to know about my recovery journey?
  2. How can I move my recovery journey forward?
  3. What do I need to know about surrender?
  4. How can I surrender more deeply into my recovery program?
  5. What am I hiding by overeating?
  6. What am I not allowing to show in my life by overeating?
  7. What is the best way to build a strong program to overcome binge eating?
  8. How can I move my program forward?
  9. What should I do about […fill in problem…] in my recovery?
  10. What is better not to do about […fill in problem…] in my recovery?
  11. How is […person A-B-C…] influencing me in my program?
  12. How can I work with them to better my program?
  13. How can I restore my hope of full recovery?
  14. What is holding me back in my recovery?
  15. What have I forgotten about myself by focusing on food all the time?
  16. What triggers me most into overeating?
  17. What can I learn from past mistakes in recovery?
  18. What can I learn from my latest mistake in recovery?
  19. What do I need most to improve my recovery program?
  20. What can I learn from […person A-B-C…] to create a more reliable program?
  21. What makes me feel more energetic in my program?
  22. How can I transition from …. to ….. in recovery?
  23. How can I improve my eating habits with ease and joy?
  24. What do I need to understand about overeating?
  25. What do I need to know to get back on the wagon of recovery?

What you need to keep in mind is that you never get a direct answer. Most of the time, you get a response that guides you toward a certain feeling. What took me ages to understand is about rediscovering the person that you’ve hidden under a  layer of fat and keep hiding under pound and pounds of food, so that you don’t find out who you really are. There is a part of you that finds that way too dangerous: shining amidst everybody else, living your best life.

How to do a simple recovery reading

As I’ve written before, tarot and oracle cards are cool tools to go deeper into who you are and what you need in life. They tell you what to look for in yourself. To find this out, you choose one of the useful questions from the list or one that’s stuck in your mind and start shuffling the cards while you focus on the subject. If a card jumps out of your hands, stop shuffling, otherwise, stop shuffling when you feel it has been long enough.

Turn the card around and look at it carefully. Open your journal and start writing out what you see in the picture. I always do this with my journal, as I’ve noticed that just looking at it, makes me go too fast and not taking time to really dive into the card and what’s on it.

Intuitive oracle reading

When I’ve written down what I see, I try to interpret the symbols on the card. For instance, if there is a candle, or a family at the dinner table or an inkwell somewhere, I try to find out what these symbols mean to me. For instance, a family at the dinner table has a meaning of connection for me, to talk to them about what matters. To the candle, I attach a meaning of shining a light onto something to understand it better. And an inkwell, for me, means that I need to journal about how important connection is for me and how I think people can help me find meaning in life. This is something you can also do. You do not need to be psychic or anything, you need to be able to look inside and connect the dots on symbolic meaning. You don’t need the booklet right away because it blocks your intuition. The intuitive meanings bring much more meaning to a reading than the booklet will.

Intuitive tarot reading

Learning to do an intuitive tarot reading is almost the same as an intuitive oracle reading. You draw the card in the same way, only now you have more tools at your disposal. Besides looking for symbols in the card, you can also look at the group the card comes from.

For instance: a card from the major arcana shows you that the issue you are dealing with has to do with major life themes or with your life path. A Wands card has to do with your passion, your drive, but also with your motivation. Cups show you to find the solution to your issue on the emotional level, to get in tune with your emotions and feelings. A Swords card tells you to use your intellect and to make a logical decision. A Pentacles card shows you to look at your body wisdom and to be very practical about what is needed.

Look at the card you have drawn. How does it make you feel? Is it a positive scene you’re looking at, or is something more negative going on? How do you relate to what is going on? Again, make sure to journal on your hunches and ideas. The best solutions come from little insights that turn out to be mind-blowing life changes.

If you feel blocked, use the booklet

If the symbols don’t give me enough input to journal about, I may use the booklet to help me. When I read what meaning the creator gave to a particular card, I read the sentences one by one and deduct questions from them. I read them and ask myself: how does this translate into behavior or ways of thinking? What can I do to make this a reality?

How to end a reading

Never finish a reading by thinking: “Oh, that’s what it means,” pick up the cards and put them back in the box. Always end a reading by looking at that useful questions again and ask yourself if you have had enough guidance. Also, don’t forget to define an action you will take in the next 24 hours. This way, you keep it actionable and make sure you practice what you preach right away.

The best way to end a reading is to finish the reading by writing down: I thank my guides for the answers they’ve provided me with. From what I’ve learned from this card, I will take the following action: [… X Y Z…].

Let me know how this works for you.

Want to work with me?

If you do not trust yourself in doing a reading and are looking for professional guidance in your recovery journey or in a life area that is troubling you, then contact me to do a reading for you. You can find more information here plus how to contact me to order a reading.

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