Voxer coaching to turn a reading into an action plan

voxer mentoring

Welcome to my radical new service with a highly experimental character: a whole day of Voxer coaching with me. I have created this service because turning information into action is not easy.

For most people, making decisions and learning how to go through life is a journey of trial and error, but most of it is based on automatic behavior. From the moment you know who you are on a soul level, you need to become aware of what you do day in day out. Sometimes people are so used to making inauthentic decisions all the time that they’re not even aware of how they create their situation.

When you want to live a life that is more aligned with your soul blueprint, there can be many questions. But it is all a matter of being curious because one question will lead to another, resulting in getting closer and closer with who you are and what you want to get out of life.

That is why I have developed this offer. You get access to me for a whole day, where you can create an action plan and get even more clarity on beliefs and blocks that keep you from living your best life. At the same time, you get a chance to pick my brain for the best approach possible. I have so much to offer that it is hard to describe it all.

Hello Voxer!

Have you heard about Voxer, yet? I only learned about it recently, and it is excellent for helping you. If you haven’t heard of it yet, then let me introduce you to Voxer:

  • It’s an app you install on your mobile phone – for free!
  • No need to share your phone number
  • It combines voice, text, photo, and video messages – choose what suits you
  • Listen to voice texts live.
  • Listen to recorded voice texts (even save them to your computer!)
  • It works over wifi, 3G, 4G, or 5G – all over the world!
  • Even install it on your computer and work from it there.

A game changing experience

With Voxer, we hang out for a whole day to unravel all your questions, worries, procrastinations, and beliefs. We exchange messages throughout the day, but not in a non-stop way. You can mull over the questions you have and the answers you receive. I do the same thing because you deserve my best answer or solution.

You do not have to stay at home to take this way of coaching. You can go for a walk, do your grocery shopping, and take care of your children while getting coached by me. The same goes for me, by the way – so freedom all the way!

Less intense than 1:1

This form of coaching is very different from a live 1:1 session with me. When we would sit down for an hour-long coaching session, we would both spend an hour in which everything needs to be covered to make it work. But what many coaches miss in the process is that we both need time to process the stuff that comes up, so we can come up with a new question or answer. Sometimes you also need to process something that is confronting. With Voxer, you can do it at your own pace. No “time’s up” (okay, only when it is the end of the day for me).

A Voxer session is also less intense than a 1:1 coaching session but will still go very deep. You have full control over the intensity of the day because you will subconsciously slow down when you need time to think about certain aspects I propose or questions that I ask you.

While we can pull some clarifying cards during the day, Voxer coaching is not suited to draw card after card, reading after reading. As with all readings, you need to think about what I explain to you and turn it into action.

Hello, I am Jolanda Bolt

I am Jolanda Bolt. Besides being a tarot card readers I am also a life coach. What I do is look at the whole of you and make sure that you can make sound and healthy decisions. How can you decide on life questions if your self-care and emotional balance are off? How can you take care of yourself if you are plagued by limiting beliefs? How can you follow your soul path if you don’t feel energized and vibrant? So your question may seem simple, but putting it into action asks for so much more. That is why so many people don’t take action after they have received a reading. In the Voxer menteroing session I look at the whole of you.

It is my broad expertise that I have to offer. I have had an interesting career: I know a lot about change management, but also about nutrition, life coaching, and have over twenty years of experience in tarot cards.

Read more about my journey here.

What you get

  • My Voxer days run from 9 am to 9 pm CET (Central European Time) on Thursdays and Fridays. So no matter where you live, you will have more than a couple of hours to work with me.
  • We’ll start the day with an intention tarot or oracle card that I will draw for you. After that, you can bombard me with your questions and worries.
  • You can pick my brain about anything related to the question:
    • Practical preparation
    • Designing a plan
    • Emotional issues with your project
    • Mindset hangups
    • Results that suck
    • Sabotaging habits
    • Motivational problems
    • What to do when
    • Identity shifts, you name it, we can talk about it.
  • My request is to keep your voice or text message as concise as possible and focus on what you feel and the thoughts that go through your mind. Please share them, so I know what is going on. Be honest. This way, we go back and forth with sending messages.
  • I respond as soon as possible (max. 2 hrs but often much faster). Please remember that I may also have other clients that I am working with or that I may need to think about my best reply. It is not that we’ll be chatting twelve hours on end.

Your Investment

A full day of Voxer costs $350 (or €290). Sounds cool? Yay!

Fill out the form below to order your Day of Voxer and we’ll set up a date as soon as possible.