Ten things you need to get weight loss results

weight loss results

Starting a diet is one thing, finishing a diet is another. Maybe you now think: hmmm, I do think that I’ve quit quite a lot of diets lately, so what is so difficult about that? But I’m not talking about quitting a diet but finishing one, strongly, meaning: that you reach your goal weight. How often have you done that lately?

[crickets chirping]

Here are ten things you need to get weight loss results and keep it that way.

Do not just follow any diet, follow THE diet

Have you noticed how at some point everybody was doing Weight Watchers and then they moved toward protein shakes and then to paleo? That is about where I lost track of others because I found out that I needed to follow THE diet. THE diet is the diet that makes your body hum and gets you the results you desire. Do not just blindly follow the latest craze in diet land for not every body is the same.

While mine can digest fats well and is not so good at digesting proteins, yours may be good at it. More than five days of yogurt? You don’t want to know.

How do I know? Because I pay attention to how my body reacts to what I eat. What makes your body hum?

Start as if you’re building a new house

You are starting that diet, right now! You’re fed up with your weight and that bulge! But whoa, stop! Make a plan, please. Too many people quit because they were unprepared for the expectations that followed.

Find out which resources you need to do it all right. What kind of special food do you need to buy? Do you need new workout clothes? Do you need to hire a sitter so you can do your workout? Or that coach? Find out what it all costs and what you need before you can start.

This preparation takes a bit of time. Your Project Health is valuable enough to handle it as if you would handle the building of your own house.

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Budget your time and energy

Prepare your Project Health so well that you even look at how much time you have available to do the chores that will come up. If your diet demands of you to make raw salads and smoothies by the buckets full, then you need to have the time to do it. But if you now come home exhausted from long hours in the office, how do you think you are going to fit in grocery shopping, meal prepping, and workouts? If you struggle with money right now and you want to follow this “done for you” diet that lets you pay $100 every month for supplements, and more each week for meals, how are you going to pay for it? Just some general questions to help you prepare.

Stop being so perfect

Following your diet to a T and demanding from yourself that all your actions toward your goal weight are perfect is based on the fear that you are not going to lose any weight when you do not give it your all, which in turn is based on your diet history of failures.

The fear of failing can overcast your life hugely and cause you to overeat all the time. This black and white thinking puts so much pressure on you to perform! There is no fun in that while eating healthy and going for a walk in the fresh autumn air should be fun.

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Decide, no really decide to do this

When you have made a plan to get weight loss results, and you have studied all the ins and outs of this plan, it is decision time. Don’t just roll on into Day 1, but really take a moment in which you decide that this is where it starts. It is called commitment. Know what you expect from yourself and know that you are not perfect. If all that comes together in a set of expectations, then you are ready to commit.

weight loss results

Connect with how you want to feel

One of the most important aspects that many people miss in making their plan for Project Health is that they do know which diet they are going to follow, and they do know (kind of) what they expect from themselves, but they do not know which feeling they are after. How do you want to feel when you reach your desired weight or health?

What will be different from today? What are you able to do then what you cannot do now and how does that make you feel?

Follow the path of how you want to feel

Go all in to that feeling and let it simmer through your body because that feeling or those feelings you just felt are needed when the going gets tough, and you want to skip the rules. The moment you want to skip the rules, imagine that the action will bring your further away from that feeling and notice if your mind has other stuff to chat about. Because it is the mind chatter that you need to follow as well. Your built-in saboteur often has a lot to mention about you holding on to the rules.

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Use a tracker to follow your progress

I am a planner girl. There you have it. So when I take action in my Project Health, I make lists, and I cross them off. And I make trackers to evaluate how I’m doing. I’ve noticed how fast you forget certain events, let alone how well you did on a certain day. That is why I have built-in several trackers in my Food Journal. They help you to change your plan with increments and implement healthy habits one by one.

I believe in tracking your progress because you need to know when it is time to adjust your plan and your expectations. Your expectations may be high, but only if the plan you work with is the right one for you and aligns with how you want to feel.

Evaluate your performance, because if your strategy is not helping you to get weight loss results, then you need another strategy, girlfriend!

Be proud of where it got you

It is so important to celebrate how far you have gotten. Even if you’ve only made it past Day 1, it is time to celebrate. When you look back so now and then you can see where you come from and what you needed to let go of emotionally or mentally to do what you’re doing now. Food can sometimes take such a huge toll on our emotions. When I had to let go of that last glass of wine every week because it made me binge four days after that, I cried so hard that I wondered if I was addicted to alcohol. But I was hooked on the moment I spent with my husband and how that made me feel. It took some time to find that same feeling in tea as well

Celebrate your effort by acknowledging it and reward yourself so now and then because it feels so good. Although weight loss is a nice side-effect, it cannot be expected all the time because you cannot control your body. That is why Project Health is all about giving yourself what you need. Acknowledge that effort and reward yourself so now and then.

It is time for my reward again: next Wednesday I’m having my floating session with a lomi lomi massage! No idea, what a lomi lomi massage is, but I bet it will be nice.

If you expect results every month, how are you going to be satisfied with your effort when you are at goal weight and still need to put in the effort to keep the weight off? Just a question to chew on, to get your out of that result thinking and move toward effort thinking.

If this ain’t *it*, then quit

Yes, I mean it. If you have really put in the effort and you know that this plan does not work out for you or is not going to get you results, then please quit. Don’t keep on pushing on something that does not make your body hum or get you any weight loss results.

If it is not working, then you have to find out why. Is it your inner saboteur that is playing with you, then you need to work on that mindset. It will always be there, and you have to find ways to overcome that sneaking little voice that tells you it is all right to eat. But if the food does not make your body feel healthy but slow or even painful, then you are seriously missing a piece of the puzzle. Stop here, give in to your gut feeling of what your body needs right now (no it is not chips, cookies, and ice cream) and find out. If needed ask a professional to help you.

Always find out first if it is not you that is playing tricks on yourself, if so, then find out why and what you need to resolve that matter.

If you have questions after this blog, then please let me know.

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