What I learned from losing 115 lbs (52 kg)

weight loss

Since my weight loss started, I have shed 52 kilograms (115 pounds.) of weight. While that sounds like a lot, it took me more than ten years to do it. Today I stand here to acknowledge that reaching this goal was so much more than just following a diet. In this blog, I want to inspire you to start, without expectations, without a goal, but only with the intention to be a healthy eater who takes care of yourself as best as she can.

During those ten years, especially in the beginning, my confidence was low. While losing weight, I took off layer after layer to find a whole new personality hidden under it. In hindsight, I see how the weight influenced me and how it turned me into a person that I am not. While getting rid of the shame, guilt and perfectionism, I became happy and started to see my real power.

Losing weight did not have anything to do with it, but it did. I was unhappy because of my weight. Most of it had to do with the stories I told myself about being fat and not feeling able to change it.

weight loss

She knows how to

Some people think that it was because I am a nutritionist that I “made it” but not so! While I knew all about weight loss for others, I often was in the dark about my own results. I had no clue which piece of the puzzle I was missing. My mind was no different than yours, while I looked at the number on the scale thinking “this diet does not work” or “I need a different diet”.

And so…

I changed my strategy more times I can count while I should have placed a bit more trust in my body and stubbornly follow through on the diet I had chosen and had worked for me in the past.

Yes, it is that simple. Choose a diet that has worked for you, that is not restrictive and keep repeating it day after day. Rain or shine. Easter or Christmas. Keep repeating the same old, same old. Even during this holiday season: it is not those couple of festive days that make you fat. It is all the other days that you could have eaten healthily but didn’t. Or told yourself you would start tomorrow.

This statement is not to blame you; it is what it is. So you made decisions that did not work in the end, so what? You only have one choice: create a plan and work it until you reach the finish line. It basically is pretty simple: just stop it! (<grin> I have been waiting for so long to add this video to one of my blog posts; it is hilarious!)

Even how funny this video is, it really is that simple. Just stop the habits that make you gain weight and start eating healthily. Stop giving yourself every excuse in the world and become “a person who chooses to take care of herself as well as she can”. James Clear writes about this in his brilliant book Atomic Habits. It is an excellent book if you want to learn more about how to change your habits.

Change process

When I say, that weight loss is all about four levels of change I mean it. While it is essential to have a healthy dietary plan, I believe that one should always look at the emotional, the mental and the spiritual reasons not to follow that plan. These reasons are so important that when you skip them, you are almost set yourself up to gain it all back.  While this may sound weird, you need to look at why it is so hard to follow a set of simple instructions. What exits do you give yourself not to do it?

Personally, it had to do with a lot of unraveling thoughts and ideas about “stuff” that I kept dragging with me, even protected it as “mine” just because I was afraid to discard it. My real journey up started when I began an uncluttering project of “stuff”, thoughts and ideas, projects on my computer, emails, old books I was going to write, and most of all stories I told myself. If you want to make room for a new life, you need to get rid of the old.

The lessons I learned

Looking back there are many valuable lessons in this journey:

  1. When you get rid of the shame and guilt, that is when you can start to see your real power.
  2. I am only human
  3. Repeat what works. Day after day. Rain or shine. Easter or Christmas.
  4. Just stop telling yourself stories
  5. Declutter everything you have been dragging with you for years, and no longer lights you up

You are capable

You are more than capable of doing the same thing. I am convinced that you can do the same thing, going through the same process as I have gone through, working on YOUR issues. If you feel hesitant right now to start, I promise you that it will bring so much.

My invitation to you

So that is why I want to invite you to take the first step toward reaching your goal weight. As I have gone through the same thing, you will find a mentor in me who takes you by the hand and tells you: it is okay.

I explain how “stuff” works but also help you to start making changes in your life. We will not just work on eating right but also finding out what keeps you from repeating those habits day after day and even keep going when your mind tells you to stop. For it is in the habits that make you lose weight, not just in having that diet book on your countertop while eating all you can from the cookie jar.

Losing a lot of weight brought me so much: I have become calmer, more balanced, feeling good about my body. If I had only gotten that I would have been happy, but I also became more courageous and less concerned about matters that I have no control over. Today I dare to let go now and trust that I will be okay. But most of all I notice that I am exactly where I need to be, and that is a feeling that is hard to explain. You have to feel it to recognize it.

Heads up: Some links in this blog are affiliate links which means that I may receive a small token of financial appreciation from that website for presenting you with their product. I do not share anything I do not 100% believe in for supporting you to your next level.

Photo by Sponchia from Pixabay

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