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weight story

Many women who struggle with their weight have something in common that I’d like to call their “weight story”. It is the story you tell yourself all the time, about how awful it is to start a new diet again, how hard it is to lose weight, how boring it is only to eat healthily, and everything in between. The story you tell yourself has nothing to do with your diet. Not a thing. It has everything to do with how you look at yourself, your ability to take care of yourself and to make decisions when it comes to it.

The concept of the weight story came to me when I was working on some materials in a course about manifesting income and how to set yourself up with the right mindset around that.

A story

A money story explains why it is impossible for you to earn more or to achieve more abundance in your life. Our weight story works the same way. When you have stubborn weight (the weight you can’t seem to let go of), truth can be found becoming conscious of the story you tell yourself why it is impossible to lose weight. It is a story that you tell yourself based on what you have experienced, how you’ve been raised or what people around you have told you about weight, dieting, and people with excess weight. Even the theories and explanations of your past weight loss coaches can become part of your weight story. The story plays in the background of your mind like an eternal long-playing record that never stops.

It is funny that what you’re telling yourself is often very visible to others, but you yourself can be blind and deaf to it. You’ve heard it so often that you kind of closed your ears for it, but that doesn’t mean that your subconscious doesn’t register it! It can be a complicated story that you tell yourself based on convictions and experiences that all blended together into one big mash of things. It is exactly as Dr. Wayne Dyer once said: “The state of your life is nothing more than a reflection of your state of mind.”

weight story

Your weight loss story

Let’s start with your weight loss story to define the difference between the two. Your weight loss story has nothing to do with the diet you’re on, what you eat, how often you work out or how hard you work to get results. Nothing. Nada.

Your weight loss story has everything to do with the emotional response to what you’re doing and the results you’re getting.

Let’s suppose that you wake up on a Saturday morning and you step on the scale. You see that you’ve yet again gained a pound and you tell yourself: “That’s it. I’m going back on a diet on Monday.”

The inner moan

At the same time, you release a deep breath as in: “There we go again. I’m so fed up with dieting; I don’t want to diet anymore, what use is it anyway?” Also, you have that, what I call, the “inner moan”. It’s not a sound that you make persé, but it is more the sinking feeling that you yet again have to go on a diet. It is as if all your motivation sinks to your feet because you know you’ll have to go through a period of detox and restriction again and you will have to say no to a lot of good food and drinks. It’s no fun. No fun at all. And for what? For a measly 3 pounds result while you really have to lose at least 50?

Be honest; you’ve been there….

So Monday comes, and there you go, and you take some non-inspired action. You mix your protein shake, throw some cherry tomatoes in a baggie, maybe buy a salad on your way to work, and that’s it. Hello, boredom!


After a few days, you step on the scale. Looking back, you did manage to pick up some traction, and your hope is all high. You look at the screen between your two big toes, and there it is minus 1 lbs. One freakin’ pound. You could cry. You do cry.

Why would you ever try again? Why are you doing this to yourself? What is the f’ing use of all of this?

So you go off and tell yourself: “Weight loss is so freakin’ hard. I don’t like to be on a diet. Why can everybody lose weight and I can’t? And for what? One measly pound! I will never lose weight. I’m useless. Dad was right in telling me that I’ll never lose weight. And how will I ever find a husband if I am *this* overweight? I’ll be single for the rest of my life. You know what? I’m not going to that party tomorrow. I can’t. I can’t show myself this way. I’m too fat. I’ll just stay at home. And while you picture yourself on the couch the next evening, there is also this big tub of ice cream in your hand.

Raise your hand, who’s had a conversation like this with herself? <raises hand>

Your weight story

So now that we’ve just made the decision to stay at home and not go to a party or to not apply for that promotion at work or whatever opportunity you let pass by, I want to talk to you about your weight story.

Your weight story is the story you tell yourself why your life is a mess *because of* your weight.

When you let opportunities go by because of the way you look you’ll have a weight story to look at. If you don’t go out to meet cute guys because of your weight, there is a weight story to look at. And if you tell yourself that you’re worthless because of how you look there is a weight story to study.

If your life sucks because of your weight

If your life sucks because of your weight, it is not just that. Yes, part of that feeling it is the physical weight you can carry in your body, but it is also the emotional and mental weight you carry: the story you tell yourself of what will happen when you do lose weight. How it will not work because it didn’t work the last time. How you will be unsafe when you lose your weight because men will look at you or maybe want to date you. What if you will be successful and seen by the whole community? Any explanation you give how something good might turn out into something terrible goes in this case.

There are a lot of women out there who have been harassed or sexually abused. And even more, have been ridiculed or passed by for a promotion at work without a good reason. So many women have been told by their spouse to lose weight because they are not attractive anymore. And every one of them (and us) has been confronted with the images in magazines that tell us that bone skinny is the norm; that everybody who has an ounce of excess fat on their body is not beautiful, let alone intelligent.

If you detect some truth in what I have written, it is time for a journaling session. this is the case it is time for a journaling session. Sit down with pen and paper to write down everything you hold on to when it comes to dieting. I have the perfect tool for you and it is a PDF with some excellent questions about this topic.

Hiding in your overweight body

All those experiences can help a story to develop that will hide in those layers of body fat. So many women hide their issues in their big body, just to not be seen with their pain, their insecurities, and their unworthiness.

And it is keeping them fat.

At some point, it is just easier and less painful to stay the way you are and not stir up the whole thing. But it is also making you feel unhappy because on a soul level you just want to shine.

You want to be happy and to follow your soul path; to be out there and do what gives you’re a good feeling or to love yourself and to appreciate what you see when you look down towards your feet.

So let’s stop it right here. Stop telling yourself that upsetting story and work on the things that are keeping you from just simply take care of yourself and to create a right-sized body.

So what is your weight (loss) story?

Your weight (loss) story is essential in your ability to lose weight, and most of all keep it off. If you tell yourself that weight loss is hard, you bet it will be hard. When you tell yourself that you can lose weight but gain it all back again, you will see yourself back at the same weight as you were before.

It’s how your desire, your intention, and your thoughts work together. And in this case, your thoughts will have the last vote. Sorry.

Are you curious about what your weight story is?

Download the PDF that I have created for you by leaving your email address below. You’ll be guided straight towards the Weight Story PDF.

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