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witches wisdom oracle reading

I’ve wanted to do more blogs to share card readings based on general questions for a while. I believe that providing readings through this blog is helpful for anyone who stumbles over them in their search for answers. No better way to get answers than Google, right?

For the first reading in a series, I’ve chosen to work with the Witches Wisdom Oracle deck.

Doing a reading consists of pulling cards. We can argue whether or not the cards you get in your reading are there because some Higher Power sent them to you or out of coincidence. Either way, we attach meaning to those cards. But what we’re not so much aware of is that we also don’t have much control over what shows up in our search results in Google and even less so on our social media timeline.

No matter how you stumbled over this blog, but if you didn’t consciously go to my website to search for it, we could safely say that we have no clue what brought you here. It is a coincidence, so let’s assume that it was brought to you because it is great to get the right card at the right time.

A reading with the Witches Wisdom Oracle Cards

When I share a reading, I partly read for myself and partly for you. I found the question for this reading in this blog by Joanna Hennon. In it, she suggests 44 questions you can ask when doing an oracle or tarot card reading. I pulled cards from the Witches Wisdom Oracle Cards by Barbara Meiklejohn-Free and Flavia Kate Peters (illustrated by Richard Crookes) to answer the question.

  1. The Situation: Mabon (Balance)
  2. The Challenge: Watchtower of the North (Winter)
  3. What you do not see about your situation: Watchtower of the West (Autumn)

The Situation: Mabon (Balance)

Oracle reading: What are you not seeing about your situation?

Mabon (Balance) from the Witches Wisdom Oracle Cards by Barbara Meiklejohn-Free and Flavia Kate Peters (illustrated by Richard Crookes)

We often forget that humans (as in you and I) are basically animals and go through phases because we’re part of nature. This means that when Winter comes, we energetically need to find a nice place to cocoon for a while, rest, and recover. We need this phase to come out reborn in Spring when we are filled to the brim with new energy and new ideas. In that high energy, we sow seeds and let them grow through the Summer season to harvest them by the end of September around the pagan festival of Mabon. By harvesting, you celebrate the once young plant and how it now provides you with everything you need.

We look back at what we planted (emotionally, mentally, physically, or spiritually) and what is now ready to manifest. What this card suggests is that we can look back every day of the year.

Wonder about this question

You are now invited to look at a situation you struggle with and wonder about the question: “What am I not seeing?” When you do this, it is time to trace your steps back to a moment in which you started a manifestation process or started a journey of change.

An apple tree doesn’t grow fruit just like that. It all starts with an apple seed that someone got planted in the ground. This can be done consciously or unconsciously. Sometimes you consciously decide to change your life, and sometimes things just happen over time because you make unconscious choices that result in a situation that may not be what you intended. No matter what you did, it is time to harvest. The apples may be sweet, but they can be tart as well. No matter how they taste, it’s time to assess the situation and what is needed from here on forward.

From this point on, you can decide to go on a journey of change because you are ready to discard stuff that is holding you back. Know that you’re invited to restore the balance.

Make a specific choice

You can do this by making a specific choice, but you can also ask your Higher Self to help you take action that results in balance. Sometimes it is hard to see the choices at hand to choose balance. But to do this, you need to see that you’re not here by chance. You are here because you chose to make certain decisions that resulted in where you are now. If this is possible, it is also possible to make choices that result in further balance if your current situation isn’t what you want it to be.

Know that we go through phases of imbalance, only recognizing that this is not what we want. Nobody is forcing you to remain where you are. You don’t need to see the result already; all you need is a decision of “not this.” It’s only one step, one decision, one phone call.

If this is scary, don’t let that fear keep you from your desire and opt for something that is ‘almost as good as’ your desire. It’s your desire you want. Don’t sell out for something ‘almost as good as.’ It will only keep you in a cycle that won’t make you as happy as fulfilling your desire.

The Challenge: Watchtower of the North (Winter)

Oracle reading: What are you not seeing about your situation?

Watchtower of the North (Winter) from the Witches Wisdom Oracle Cards by Barbara Meiklejohn-Free and Flavia Kate Peters (illustrated by Richard Crookes)

When I look out of my window right now, the sun is shining, and Summer has just started. Seeing this card fall in this reading got me wondering for a while if I had pulled a card I could resonate with.

When you look at the previous card, it is all about going within and wonder if the result you’ve created is doing you a service or that it is putting you just outside of your desire.

I know that we can be champions at creating situations where we settle for less. But it puts you out in the cold.

Manifesting your desires in a way that it dots your I’s and crosses your T’s is a warming and fulfilling experience. But when you settle for less, it can feel as if you should be grateful but don’t feel it. And you can’t figure out why.

We’ve all been raised to endure certain situations because we tell ourselves that this too shall pass. But when you settle for less, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

Your challenge

Your challenge is that you need to allow yourself a phase in which you allow magic to occur. Often we are such control freaks that it is hard to allow the Universe, or magic or whatever word you have for it, to take place. We instead control the whole process from start to end. The thing is that we’re just too scared to allow magic to take over. To do so, you need to surrender to it, and hey, that’s difficult shizz.

Just imagine yourself to be Elsa from the movie Frozen and sing out loud: Let it go, let it go! (the sing-along version). Oh, go crazy, here are all the sing-alongs 😉

What you do not see about your situation: Watchtower of the West (Autumn)

Oracle reading: What are you not seeing about your situation?

Watchtower of the West from the Witches Wisdom Oracle Cards by Barbara Meiklejohn-Free and Flavia Kate Peters (illustrated by Richard Crookes)

What you’re not seeing may have to do with emotions that have gotten the better of you. Sometimes when we overthink and feel too much, and this results in ignoring certain parts of us that need a voice. We quickly move into our heads when in fact, we should stay with what we’re actually feeling.

The fact that Autumn fell in this position means that you need to acknowledge your true feelings. For this, you may need to dig a bit deeper to access what is truly there.

So, let’s why don’t we just allow ourselves to free our emotions? Well, for starters, I’ll be the first one to acknowledge that allowing yourself to feel the deep shizz is scary. I’m in the middle of it, and I’m not enjoying it (yet). But then, this whole reading consists of things that are a bit scary. In reality, I sometimes rather skip the touchy stuff and cover it up with some real sound logic. But that’s not getting me to my desire.

Ugly cries

Emotions are needed on this part of your journey – there’s no harm in a good cry. Ugly cries are allowed as well. Since Autumn is connected to the element of water, you need to allow the touchy stuff in.

And when you’re done crying, you can reconnect with your original desire. Personally, all I want is to be happy. To be that, I’ll need to dive through the complicated stuff that is in my life right now.

When you look at your overarching desire, you’ll also want joy, love, truth, or some other value you hold dearly. It seems so simple: happiness. But when you have to make day-to-day choices, it suddenly isn’t that easy anymore. You then have to take a new action or to say: “No, this behavior no longer makes me happy. I thought I would, but it isn’t.” Let’s go back to what we initially when we got here, hoped to find. For me, that’s no more adjusting but expressing myself freely and feeling empowered because of it.

If you want to know what will create and free up vital force energy, then consider booking an akashic record reading from this site. This service is all about helping you to open your heart and allow love to take its place in this process. It will help you open your ears to the quiet guidance we all have but find so hard to listen to. But when you know what to listen to, it all becomes so much easier.


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